Stranglehold Demo Dated August 8th

The glorious news above comes from a moderator on the official forums over at Midway. The 8th is a Wednesday, and will provide middle of the week relief for anyone hard at work.

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DG3947d ago

One more week. The developer said it will have the most playable content to date than any other demo on live. This will definately help me decide whether or not to buy.

mintrieri3947d ago

Most playable content of any demo? Awesome. I just can't get over the number of great demoes Live has had over the last month. It must be close to 20 since E3 began.

I'm really looking forward to Stranglehold but I have to admit that Bioshock is going to take my money this month, so I'll probably purchase it when things die down after the Holidays. Cheers.

Mucudadada3947d ago

But I wouls like a PSN version please. This is one thing Sony needs to work on. Demo's from third parties. The first part demo's are ccoming pretty steady, but third party is lacking in other places. Yes...the Darkness Demo came out in the UK store, but why not the American language? I mean...they speak the same language. Oh well, that's why I have three PSN accounts...Back to the Japanese Bladestorm demo...

MK_Red3947d ago

Great news. 1.Hopefully its a good and not-too-short demo. 2.And hopefully it gets released on PSN soon.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd3947d ago

i hope that this demo will help me decide wether to buy it or not.

i cross my fingers

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