The Man Behind the Music – Remembering Reuben Kee En Rui

RipTen Writes: "My sophomore year of high school was a time of great transition. It was one of those years that you simply must categorize as one of those momentous page-turners, the crescendo between the resolution of one chapter and the beginning of the other. Dramatic?"

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Drjft3080d ago

Wow what a brilliant article. Kudos to the writer, and it is a shame to lose someone like this. Reminds me of how I felt with Troy Dixon from Pure Pwnage passed away.

Sandwich Bender3080d ago

I love this guy just from that insane picture of him. Nice article.

Sigmarue3080d ago

You have to watch the video of him playing the medley from Shenmue. To actually see him play is so inspiring.

Nostradavis3080d ago

You want bloggers to write more than flame bait, well here you go.

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The story is too old to be commented.