Microsoft Falsely Accuses Modding of Broken Xbox 360, Wants $100 to Fix It

Zach's Xbox 360 opted to play for Miami rather than Cleveland, but what he expected to be a routine repair has turned into a standoff. He says Microsoft accuses him of modding his console despite Zach's contention that the unit, which he says is clean, shows no physical signs of being modded.

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T9X693077d ago

He is 16, knows where to look on the console to see if its been modded and points that before even denying if he actually did indeed mod it. Obviously the kid has looked into modding his system, how else would he have known unless he deliberately looked up how to mod a Xbox 360, because honestly that is the only reason I know, because I looked up how to mod a 360.

I know many people who have had issues with their Xbox and never once had a problem with getting it fixed. The bottom line is, this kid either modded his Xbox and got caught, or he bought it used and it was already modded.

SOAD3077d ago

Or maybe he researched how to mod a 360 after he was accused of doing so, so that he could point out that his console hadn't been modded.

mrv3213077d ago did took a part a slim device and said where's the modding stickers etc I'm sure other websites do the same.

Army_of_Darkness3077d ago

damn, just pay a few extra dollars and get a new one for that price!

Spenok3077d ago

Lol, apparently T9X69 didn't of that possibility.

Deathracer3077d ago

@SOAD - That is very true, there is just one problem. Microsoft still has his system, so for him to know the Warranty sticker is still intact and the "opening ports" are not damaged would mean he checked the system before he even sent it. There is no way for him to point that out unless he checked before hand, basically making your assumption void.

Blaze9293077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

This is fake - if he modded the system and MS believes so they'd send it right back because he chose to mod it. They do not still go on to ask someone to pay for modding their broken system.

Everyone knows who has modded a system before knows they are shit out of luck when it breaks because MS doesn't fix modded systems.

Seriously, call them right now 1-800-4MY-XBOX and tell them you have a modded system you want to repair and will pay $100 and see what they tell you.

Like I said, this is fake.

Trey_4_life3077d ago

LMAO, this is what you lot pay for? A company that rips off it's customers, overcharges on it's peripherals and shells out a constant stream of under-par multiplat games?

Why the heck would anoyne stick up for this console or justify why it's good when they don't even take care of their customers.

When my first PS3 broke, i rang up sony, and politely said my console is continually freezing, crashing and resetting itself. They then asked me if it had enough airflow, i responded yes, they then asked me for the warranty code on the back, i gave it to them and they said i will have a courier bring you a new refurbished PS3 tomorrow, early afternoon so please put your broken one in a plastic bag and switch with the courier.

That my friends is called 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'

*Sits here bemused as to why people buy such a product*

Projekt7tuning3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

@ Trey_4_life
I call Bullsh!t on you there bud. When my 60 gig's blu-ray drive went out, Sony were true cocks on the phone about it, and they wanted $150 to repair it. That is a fact, and has happened to quite a few of us launch 60gig owners on here. I had 2 360s repaired 4 free, but to have my PS3 fixed, it was $150. The worst part of that is it a know issue with the blu-ray lasers on the launch models. Sony just never owned up to it. Look on Ebay at all the repair kits for them, and Google the issue.

@ Trey_4_life "That my friends is called 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'

@ Trey_4_life You Know its Fanboys like you that ruin this damn site.

Reefskye3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )


Depends, a friend of mine in Germany had to wait 3 months for their PS3 back while in the UK my dad only waited 2 days. My dad been through 4 ps3s in that time am still on my first. Duno what he does to them lol but sony always replaced it for free and never charged him and was always with in 2-3 working days.

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coolasj3077d ago

Mean you don't have enough common sense to know how and what to look for on a legit system? Warranty Sticker? Check. Is the Seam intact? Yes? Check?
Common Sense. Anyway this whole article hold nothing really substantial in it.

Dramscus3077d ago

also anyone that knows electronics knows that they don't repair modded stuff.
If I knew my unit wasn't modded, I would just assume the seals are intact.

ingiomar3077d ago

Yeah and if its really not modified who cares this kind of shit happens to all sorts of company's (including sony)...

Last time i bought a phone its screen started leakings some shit that looked like ink (within a week) and i had no idea why so i brought it back to the store with the 2 two months warranty but they wouldn't give me a new one or even fix it.. so should i post it on a website?

IdleLeeSiuLung3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I find that I agree with most of the comments on the consumerist, why the heck would a consumer point out that the "opening points on the console is undamaged". The only way to know something like that is to check it himself prior to shipment for RMA.

I stand corrected, if the 16 year old kid can prove otherwise. The whole thing is suspicious. In fact, I know people that have gotten their 360 fixed out of warranty for a number of reasons including disc read error, missing warranty sticker on RROD units and etc.

danielle0073077d ago

But this is the age of google. You can find information on anything and everything easily. If M$ accused me of modding, I would have googled it.

Plus, kids these days are programmed to google. You can't blame him for that.

Call him out on the fact he never mentioned if he was the original owner or not. Not that he knows how to google.

Sashamaz3077d ago

without a warranty sticker has bee fucked up with somehow.

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Nike3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

An Anti-Microsoft story on N4G's front page? Surprising!

Honestly, people here care less about the kid's grievances and more about finding another reason to bash Microsoft.

@Elvfam511: Wow, quite some venom you have for some one pointing out an obvious fact.

Elvfam5113077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Shut up already sound like a little baby crying

On topic
Thats not bad of a price for a modded console to get fixed.

deadreckoning6663077d ago

"Honestly, people here care less about the kid's grievances and more about finding another reason to bash Microsoft."

Bubbles for you.

klado3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

So when it is an anti concord, and this is the guy talking about double

Right, xbox fan are like too hurt lately, the fck.

Ugh, kill him for pirate.

Nike3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

When did I say I was happy with Anti-Sony? I'm against any "Anti-" stuff as I believe it substitutes interesting discussion and humorous banter with hatred, vitriol and immaturity.

But my main point on this story is: If some one has a problem with Sony's customer care and writes a story on it, while some one having said problem with MS's customer care does the same, which company gets hated more and which will get more sympathy?

Projekt7tuning3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

You don't get it. If the story was exactly the same as it is now only with a PS3 instead of an Xbox, people like you would be all over this calling the kid a liar, and defending Sony. That is the problem here, and actually if it was about a PS3 it most likely would not have made it through approval. People are missing out being so ignorant. Im just glad I have both systems and dont miss out on thing like you.

Solidus187-SCMilk3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

who knows or cares about this persons problems. I dont have any problems with my xbox, and I never opened it up.

Projekt7tuning3077d ago

"Honestly, people here care less about the kid's grievances and more about finding another reason to bash Microsoft."

Bubbles for you.

JackBNimble3077d ago

This isn't an anti-MS story at all. May be you should read it again because in the end it really is questioning the validity of the "so called kids" claim.

pixelsword3076d ago

@ Nike

Also on the front page:

"Is Sony About To Repeat Its Mistake And Release PS4 Last Next Generation?"
"We want gameplay, not graphics!" (having a picture of Uncharted 2)

It's no conspiracy, just what's popular at the moment.

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3077d ago
danielle0073077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

He also didn't say if he bought it used..

But, I've heard that if you're persistent, willing to burn some time, and are kind of pushy, that you might get better results with getting systems repaired through M$, even out of warranty. Just never hint that there's any chance of it ever being modded and that you aren't the original owner.

Could work.

But, if M$ knows it's modded, it's probably actually modded, and the kid might just be unaware if he bought it used or something.

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