Microsoft Says Xbox 'Abuse' Led To Fire That Killed Baby

Microsoft is asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an Illinois family that claims their infant died in blaze sparked by a faulty Xbox video game system. Among other things, Microsoft is arguing that "misuse or abuse" of the Xbox led to the blaze.

The family's "losses and damages, if any, resulted from misuse or abuse of the Xbox console at issue," Microsoft claimed in court papers filed Friday.

The filing does not provide details on the manner of abuse Microsoft believes the Xbox suffered.

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TriggerHappy3950d ago

Another console related crime, man whats really going on ?

MK_Red3950d ago

1.Agreed. We didn't have much of these back in the days of Genesis or NES but now there are a ton of bad crimes around Xbox and Playstation products. Sad indeed.

2.I'm really sorry for that family. Its like losing two kids at once., how could someone disagree with your comment? This site is getting kinda strange.

TriggerHappy3950d ago

Someone disagreed with me as well and all i did was ask a question, oh well

power of Green 3950d ago

More people are posting them thats whats going on. lol

Dlacy13g3950d ago

Didn't Microsoft have a recall on the power cord for the original Xbox? I am almost sure I am right...and this was the exact could lead to possible fire...hence the recall. I know MS was diligent about getting out the word on it. I personally got 5 different notices before I finally exchanged it.

Premonition3950d ago

This happend a few years back, saw it on dateline, I know Microsoft is scared to the point where they have to say point blank and easy, which for some reason nowadays is easy for them to say, its the consumers fault and how they treat their console, even though they said it was the consumers fault for the failing 360's and then a month later admitted it was their fault, I mean come on, just give the family the money and get it over with, you already have a bad rep as it is with the 360 problems.

Fan Tastic3950d ago

This is what happens when you don't do a proper recall like a company with morals and ethics would. Instead they are looking out for the almighty $ and don't give a rats ass about the safety of the people that make their pockets so big.

power of Green 3950d ago

Are you saying MS werent recalling the cords?. Even Sony recalled batteries after having been forced to fix problem in the past with other hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.