Teenage boy murdered his brother as revenge when his Xbox was taken away

A 15-year-old schoolboy who killed his elder brother in a revenge arson attack after his family took away his Xbox is facing a life sentence after being found guilty of murder.

The boy, then aged 14, stole £5,000 from his 24-year-old elder brother's bank account before the family discovered the cash was missing and called in the police, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

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TriggerHappy3951d ago

Console related crimes are increasingly becoming very common these days. whats going on ?

power of Green 3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I could probably prove in a couple of hours that these types of things are just getting more coverage/attention. Games have always been involved in crime in one way or the other just as most everything else. GTA has been blamed for tons of murders.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Could be talking about the original XBOX. Except they talk about selling it. Obviously an original XBOX wouldn't be worth much, but then neither is an XBOX 360.

I'm still thinking of what games to buy this holiday. My most anticipated game is Rockstars new supposely for the PS3. I want some sick new IP's. I'm disappointed in gaming right now, it's not different enough from last gen.

Not to mention a lot of the current house hold names are going multi platform because of development costs and more level competition. I want game developers to be more ambitious. Multi platform games suck. We need new IPs.

power of Green 3951d ago

Thats nice!, did somebody mention something up here to validate your point?.

I'm sure that new IP's going to be great!, theres some milk and cookies on the counter.

XxZxX3951d ago

maybe just maybe.. jack thompson was right.................
we're screwed.

Nigther3951d ago

Hey, I hope you are safe if you stick to the PC gaming!

Umbrella Corp3951d ago

i read a article like this on n4g before.

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Robotz Rule3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

What's going on these days?

Family is far more important than anything else in this world.

I can't believe the kid went through all of this just because his X360 was taken away,pathetic!

@power of Green:

True,I agree.

Brandon R3951d ago

If that boy was so used to the 360 its the parents fault.

D_U_I3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

How the hell is this gaming news.... i'm reporting.

Edit: hmmmm and why the hell is it our problem toughNAME. If anyone has any sense on this site they would know this story is SPAM. And i did laugh because i couldnt give a s*it about f*ck heads like that.

toughNAME3951d ago

im glad you edited your comment

laughing when a 15 yr old murderers his brother? nice.

the_round_peg3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

"Burglar with class steals PS3 instead of money!"

"Fights break out in lines waiting for PS3 launch!"

"Xbox kills babies!"

Yet they all got approved.

Dlacy13g3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I totally agree with you. I get that an xbox was mentioned...but this has NOTHING to do with gaming news. This is about domestic violence in the family, its not gaming news. I reported it...and I know others did as well...and yet it still posted up. Go figure....

@ktchong.... out of the 3 stories you listed...I would say only the "Fights break out in lines waiting for PS3 launch!" would potentially have relevance to gaming as that story (despite the title) could focus more on the PS3 launch than fights. I however would say that really none of those stories should have been approved either. Regardless of what happened before...we shouldn't approve stuff now. How does that saying go? "Two wrongs don't make a right"...

the_round_peg3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

If someone took away my Xbox 360, I would kill him, and his children, and parents, and grandparents, and friends, and coworkers, and classmates, and everyone who shares the same birthday with him.

I would rape and kill his wife, his girlfriend, and ex-girlfriends, and friends of his girlfriends.

I would hunt down everyone he loved and had ever loved and eliminate them one-by-one.

And then I would dig up his body from his grave and violate his dead body, and I would do the same to his children, and parents, and grandparents, and friends, ... ... ... ... ...

funolopy3951d ago

i can't believe anyone can be as disgusting as yourself- people like you who like me play games are the ones that are giving our entertainments bad press- the fact that you submitted such diabolical post gives reasons to think that its not games that turn people into monsters, they were originally so.

Dlacy13g3951d ago

Not enough words can say how sad and lame that post was ktchong.....

the_round_peg3951d ago

I can feel your hatred, your anger, it makes you strong! Give yourself to the dark side and fulfill your destiny!

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