Review: LEGO Harry Potter (Wii) casts ‘Perfecto’ charm |
"Traveller’s Tales has continued to pump out LEGO titles for all game platforms since LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game in 2005 to mostly uneven results. The formula has been through its up and downs through three Star Wars games, two Indiana Jones games, and one Batman game. However, it finally looks like they’ve paid attention in Snapes’ potion class by coming up with the perfect concoction for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4."

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MxShade3078d ago

Never understood the charm of the LEGO game series, but still sounds like they're making good games regardless.

I'll shoot myself if they make LEGO Twilight though.

Queasy3078d ago

Haha...I don't think they'd be able to sell the overt sexual undertone in Twilight with a LEGO game.

MxShade3078d ago

I don't know, LEGO's do have interconnecting parts...

Queasy3078d ago

Agreed. Best LEGO game since the original Star Wars.