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SocomUnion.com: What Makes Socom Different

SocomUnion.com Writes: "Socom has always existed in a different sphere than almost every multiplayer shooter on consoles. In the early days of the PS2 era, the shooter sphere was very limited and lacked a standardized control set. Socom: US Navy Seals had the benefit of releasing after Halo had created a control scheme for dual stick controllers with 4 “bumper” buttons. Despite this Socom offered four different control schemes: Frogman, Lefty, Sure Shot, and Precision Shooter. Precision shooter is the setup that followed the control scheme that Halo had given us. Sure Shot was my personal preference over the years until it was removed due to the fact that it enabled you to move side to side so fast you could actually make the hit box not register contact. I remember knowing someone in Socom 2 who was actually capable of doing the strafe technique so fast that he was basically invincible." (Dev, Industry, PS2, PS3, Socom 2:US Navy Seals, SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, Socom 4, Socom: Combined Assault, Socom: US Navy Seals, Sony Computer Entertainment, Tech, Zipper Interactive)

xc7x  +   1877d ago
good points
i could add my own too but i just want good gameplay period.
Coramoor_  +   1877d ago
yea I think all of us long time socom fans are really craving solid gameplay over anything else after the debauchery that is Socom: Confrontation
PoSTedUP  +   1877d ago
i think us long time socom fans are playing and enjoying socom confrontations at the moment. after numerous updates, slowcom complications went from that, to a truly awesome, tactical and fun multilayer experience. i havent stopped playing it since it came out, stuck by socom1 and 2 through all the lag, tollerated the down graded graphics in socom3, forced myself through the mess that was socom confrontations, but now everything is all good. always a socom fan, always will be.

great article from some true socom fans.

"socom confrontations is not fun" ok lol so lets agree to disagree.
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Psfan999  +   1877d ago
Socom confrontation is not fun, and it only has one dlc which is pathetic. Why do you defend it?
Monolith  +   1877d ago
"Why do you defend it?"

Maybe because he enjoys the game and doesnt join a bandwagon like you yourself has apparrently. I myself still play Socom: Confrontation and think slant 6 did an incredible job on capturing the socom feel that made the series soooo great, but there was a problem in the begining that ruined it and now its fixed, get over yourself.\

PS- cant wait to play SOCOM 4 and trying it with the move
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BattleAxe  +   1877d ago
@ Postedup,

You're on glue if you think Socom: Confrontation is better than Socom: Combined Assault.
webeblazing  +   1877d ago
the other socoms didnt have dlc the bull is the bullshit that be happening in game and yeah socom is in a league of its own i wish xbox still had desert storm to make each other better plus it fits the xbox thanks MS
Spenok  +   1876d ago
Confrontation is now a good game if you go back and play it. Yeah the launch was pretty bad, and it took them several months to make it playable and work properly. It now works, and is tremendously fun now. They did a great job of fixing what was a broken game.
socomnick  +   1877d ago
What makes socom different is that its a first party budget tittle.

If socom was not first party it would be 20 bucks. IT screams budget tittle.
Monolith  +   1877d ago
what you just said is some of the craziest shit ive read on here.
BattleAxe  +   1877d ago
Socom as we knew it is over, not to say Socom4 isn't going to be good, but its going to be an entirely different experience from the Socoms we all knew and loved on the PS2.
Coramoor_  +   1877d ago
I don't know if I can agree with that yet, the only thing that would really ruin it would be health regen, the cover system makes very little difference if they design the maps correctly, and have the grenades work right, for example, would death trap's corridor of death have really made a difference with a cover system, no not really, talking about the corridor on the outside btw
sikbeta  +   1877d ago
Why? Because Zipper add OPTIONAL Move Support and a Single Player Campaign?

Bing it on...
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Kyll  +   1877d ago
Man, Socom is still my favourite 3rd person shooter
ShawnCollier  +   1877d ago
Really need to play one of these games one of these days.
EliteAssassin81  +   1877d ago
I've got high hopes for socom. Its the real tactical shooter, and I plan on making it my only multi-player game to play when it comes out. Activision and Cod can kiss my ass
Coramoor_  +   1877d ago
I agree with this sentiment completed, skill and tactics make a far better game then COD style gameplay
Jay520  +   1877d ago
That's the thing I like about SOCOM. It doesn't rely on who has the quickest aiming, faster reflexes, etc. It's about who stayed with their team, took the smarter route, etc.
PoSTedUP  +   1877d ago
ill still play other multiplayer games. i missed out on so many great games on ps2 because all i would play was socom LOL. for me there is call of duty online, operation flashpoint online, army of two online, killzone3 online, battlefieldbc online etc. etc. and many more to come. socom will always be #1 but im a gamer at heart.
T9X69  +   1877d ago

Ahhhh I remember the good old days, going to each Clan Games server trying to find a War and having half the people back down because I would pick Shadow Falls hahaha. HA, I remember making glitch rooms with my friends and Ninja Jumping on Crossroads. God damn I loved SOCOM 2 lol
telekineticmantis  +   1877d ago
Socoms diverse multiplayer modes is what always brings me back. You rarely see modes like those in other shooters
Coramoor_  +   1877d ago
That and the most important feature of 1 map per mode in the Socom/Socom 2 era made for the best map design I've ever seen in gaming
jut420  +   1877d ago
@ Coramoor

I agree 100%. IMO early Socom games/maps had the best design I've ever seen in a multiplayer game.
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Raoh  +   1877d ago
socom was the fucking best man

i think sony is a great company, not due to the playstation but i have a history with them.. i grew up in the walkman era and had many a walkmen players, sony headphones receivers, headphone extension cables, when i wanted to produce music i would sony mini data discs for my yamaha md8 multitrack recorder, a sony discman to record sameples off of, sony disc men, sony speakers were ok, they even impressed me with the playstation when i thought they would be crushed by sega and nintendo..

and socom.. oh how i loved socom..

even nif socom 4 is good, hell it could be great....

the socom i loved is dead...

fuck you sony
emjayx  +   1877d ago
A true SOCOMer knows what these two words mean: RED ROOM
Innervision  +   1877d ago
"I got mines on the Red Room stairs."

Now THAT'S some nostalgia...
gravesg  +   1877d ago
yeah i think this one is gonna be a day one purchase ... confrontation was them figuring out the ps3's architecture, socom 4 should be them using it efficiently :) im pumped
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Socomer 1979  +   1877d ago
Good Post Postedup!
Confrontation still Rocks.
A very raw very good game. Very Hardcore. Very much still socom.
Each socomer has thier favorites. Most loved socom 2.
Been here since socom 1 & be here till I die. Socom is the sole reason why I own at every game online.
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webeblazing  +   1877d ago
i dont like confrontations but aint nothing like socom. matter fact aint nothing like all the old shooter because games these days dont have a challange thats one of the main reasons we seeing reruns. u had quake fast gun play, unreal off the wall crazy, halo do what ever, BF all out war, socom 3ps tacticle war, etc.. etc. if you gonna have a mp make the the tactics of your game be the base of the gameplay and that goes to the maps, guns, pace, modes, etc.. ect. it shows, thats why we have copy and pace mp. hopefully zipper didnt loose it im buying day one.

if you did im shipping it to you with spit in it......... BACKSTABBER GETTING ME HOOKED LIKE DAT
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