GamesRadar: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: How it Really Plays

Sonic 4 feels like Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The next game after Sonic 3. Not a tribute. Not a reworking. The next game in the series. Yes, as Justin has gone to great pains to point out, Sonic’s jumping animation is a bit weird, but his handling is exactly as it should be. Jump height, inertia, tweakability, it all feels familar and welcoming. If you’ve played Sonic before, you’ll be right at home with the control mechanics straight away.

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Cajun Chicken2717d ago

Oh yes. This looks promising. Me thinks a playthrough of the first 3 are in order. Time to pick up a copy of Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection at last.

SeanRL2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

This pretty much sums up my feelings.

Edit: also, if anyone is going to disagree with me, at least tell me why.

nygamer282717d ago

cause the video was a waste of my time

dizzleK2717d ago

maybe i'm a heathen but i literally never enjoyed a sonic game. i just don't get the popularity.

Lombax2717d ago

Ready the pitchforks and torches! We gather at sundown!

SoapShoes2717d ago

I was liking this article until they said the homing attack was a device from the crappy 3D games... :| It started in Sonic Adventure and that was the highest rated Sonic game of all time, a great game, and they're trying to rewrite history or just can't remember anything.

Cajun Chicken2717d ago

I think the situation is; People liked Sonic Adventure...AS SONIC. I think it more or less goes downhill after the first playthrough as Sonic, especially Big the Cat...WHY? Who the hell WAS Big the Cat before Sonic Adventure...did he EVEN EXIST?

PoSTedUP2717d ago

i loved the sonics on the GameGear, sega genisis and the cartoon.

and i disagree, i thought sonic adventures was the best with knuckels, and really fun with each player, even the robot. everything tied together and you got to see each characters role at the same time while each character was in their respective time frames.

SoapShoes2717d ago

Gamma, Big, and Amy sucked imo. Tails levels were just like Sonic's except you're racing to the emeralds so I liked them. Knuckles levels were also pretty fun for the time.

Also Big was created for Sonic Adventure, he did not exist before.

2717d ago
nygamer282717d ago

sound like its coming along good...been waiting for a good sonic games for a long time

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