Crackdown 2 Review -

Gamervision's Jonathan Cooper writes, "It wasn't a surprise when Crackdown sold well. It came with exclusive access to the Halo 3 beta and, because of this, the game's success was guaranteed. In fact, many people bought Realtime Worlds' open-world shooter without actually intending to ever play it. What was surprising, however, is that it was actually a good deal of fun. It had some fantastic cooperative multiplayer action and thrilling gameplay. It wasn't phenomenal by any means, but it was a strong title, and one entirely deserving of a sequel. It seemed as if this wasn't in the cards, though, as Realtime Worlds went on to begin development on All Points Bulletin after finishing the original. In order to keep the franchise alive, Microsoft tasked newly formed developer Ruffian Games with creating a sequel. Now, coincidentally within a week from the launch of A.P.B., Crackdown 2 has been released for the Xbox 360, looking to show that the series can stand without Halo holding it up."

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rroded3082d ago

really didn't expect this one to get the meta it has so far tho the first one was a blast it wasn't very deep gameplay wise n the graphics were at best ok for its time. Fact the sequel looks no better should b a minus imo even if the gameplays still fun and marginally deeper than the first.

6 or 7 seems fair tho i expect they'll get some h8 from the 360 elitist...

dizzleK3082d ago

did anybody actually go out and piss away $60 just to play the halo 3 beta without ever intending to touch crackdown? sounds like an urban legend to me.

why isn't infamous ever referred to as the game that needed an uncharted beta in order to sell?