10 Artsy-Fartsy Games for People Who Like Artsy-Fartsy Things

A not-at-all definitive list of artsy-fartsy games that are fun to play. Check 'em out!

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JamesDeRosa3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

More people should give artsy-fartsy games a chance.

bearsfaan3028d ago

I don't like Artsy-Fartsy things, but I did enjoy a few of these games/experiences.

TheLancer3028d ago

So if I play these games, people will think I'm cool, right?

Sadie21003028d ago

You have to play these games AND talk about them in an articulate manner. Only then are you cool.

Tolkoto3028d ago

Fartsy is a funny word. Just saying.

3028d ago