ShockCast Episode 21 - Real ID... What Was Blizzard Thinking?

DualShockers writes, "It’s official, by reaching episode 21 the ShockCast is now old enough to drink. To mark that milestone, we’ve stepped up our game this week with 3 main topics. The first comes to us from Blizzard and all of the hoopla surrounding their highly controversial decision for putting the Real ID system into effect, which at the same time killed any anonymity in the Blizzard forums. The second main topic of the week is about PSN plus. The fact that the subscription service is now available for the masses yet still no sign of cross game chat. What gives? The third topic was the official announcement of Bioware’s 2011 RPG, Dragon Age 2. They’ve dropped the origins tag, so what exactly does that mean for the series? These questions and many more answered in the podcast, make sure you listen in to this week’s show!"

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Ninferno3052d ago

Why are you guys always talking about MMO's and WoW and Blizzard? Sing a new song DualShockers...

Nike3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Ninferno, aren't you a part of Dualshockers? :|

Games4M - Rob3052d ago

Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you,
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

sorry couldnt resist :)

Hitman07693052d ago

I've got one thing to say to this: Activision and Blizzard were separately two of the richest companies in the industry and combined they are probably richer than Nintendo in some ways. No one in their right mind would ignore what they are doing my friend.

We may not agree with their decisions right now but we should never underestimate the giants as businesses and as producers of art.

thevokillist3052d ago

Seriously? Real ID? Come on! I thought that whole idea of playing online games like WoW was to let players live a fantasy life??

Hitman07693052d ago

Excellent point and this is a major contradiction now that I think about it. I will be changing my name to Sir Smurfs a Lot.

JoelT3052d ago

N4G would work like the Blizzard Real ID system. You wouldn't even need bubbles as all the online "tough guys" and "know it alls" would be too cautious to say half the nonsense they say on here.

thevokillist3052d ago

What's with the bubble feature anyway? Gets kinda of annoying.

Games4M - Rob3052d ago

The Blizzard ID thing was nuts.

I used to play a lot of EVE online and part of the fun was the total immersion into the game which carried over into the forums. When you had a discussion you were discussing stuff in character and pictured the conversation as though it was with that character - in reality it was probably some lanky dork like me with a funny accent but that was a all part of the game.

Hitman07693052d ago

I agree with people who are saying this is not a good idea. I do not play WoW, but I am considering jumping into the universe and this is something that makes me cringe in making that decision.

Just look at the example given in the podcast of a community manager who was trying to defend the system and got his entire life posted up on the forums. Or if that is not good enough for you, just listen to Chad Awkerman, a man who has been through WoW for years now as well as the forums and knows the WoW community all too well...

As for PSN+ I am severely dissapointed. There is no way I am going to pay for it until I see the features I originally wanted such as cross-game chat. If it is not going to be a free update feature make it a PSN+ feature. Whatever you do, do not try and tell me that it's "Coming Soon" another time, just release it and don't say a word because this is getting ridiculous it's almost 2011.

iiprotocolii3052d ago

I think this decision is really going to come back to bite blizzard in the butt. I play WoW on occasion, and the one thing that I wouldn't like to see is to have my real name posted throughout the forums if I decide to comment on something - it takes away from the anonymity. Why not just have people's character's use their names as well?

I'm pretty sure that people want to keep their personal information just that - personal. No one should have to share their personal info if they don't want to; in this case, it's being forced by Blizzard. But, sadly, I'm pretty sure that after a few weeks of whining and crying, players will go back to it like nothing happened.

booni33052d ago

actually, i think cataclysm may be the last straw. Ive been meaning to see what all the fuss is about this game and honestly havent had any motivation. i know they say you shouldnt play if you have a life, but i wont let it consume all my time. i will play it and not vice versa!!

Chadness3052d ago

Actually, I disagree. The first two expansions were nice and all, but Cataclysm feels like a whole new game. As you heard in the podcast, Al and I have been playing the beta quite a bit in the last week or so. I really think this expansion will revitalize the game to some degree - a game which has been stagnate, in my opinion, during the entire Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It just feels so fresh and new, especially at the lower levels, that I think it will reignite a lot of people's interest in the game and draw in new players.

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