My Weirdest Kinect Experience So Far

Does this look like a Kinect game to you? An Xbox 360 game that has you doing some body-puppetry of an avatar on your TV? Well, it is the Kinect game I played yesterday.

This is a screenshot of Motion Sports, a Ubiosft launch game for the Xbox 360 Kinect that takes a peculiar route. Yes, "you are the controller." Your body manipulates the actions in six themed sports games, including the only one Ubisoft is letting people like me play yet, American Football.

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wazzim3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Looks pretty neat, That they didn't show this on E3 instead of that yoga game baffles me.

Swoon3078d ago

I love the fact that Kinect can detect clothing, perhaps it will know when i'm naked. It would probably be more fun playing it in the nude to be honest. Like playing the drums on Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Folezicle3078d ago

This is the type of games that MS should of shown at E3.. I'm expecting the Tokyo Game Show, to show these off more (I believe they will do this to help boost the sales for th 360 in Japan, now that the Slim sold a descent amount) or show this at PAX.. A lot of people haven't looked at all the new features on Kinect, and shrugged it off as an Microsoft Eye Toy..

Both the Move and Kinect I'm looking forward too, since Sony's Move has been called WiiHD, and Kinect called the Eye Toy.. Yet I reckon both are underrated, with people calling them faulty, even though they haven't played them and neither have had negative comments on the hardware... I hop Kinect shows off some more hardcore titles, because at the moment I only have plans in getting Move..

I now have 4 games to look forward to with Kinect

Fable 3 (
Forza 4 (If it aint a tech demo)
Child of Eden
Motion Sports

To be honest, we just don't know what to expect

karan86243078d ago

Looks cool and all, but if you use your head you'll be able to tell its just gonna be jerking movements to the left and right which will make your guy dodge and weave

krisprolls3078d ago

ah ah well done.

This video proves the Eyetoy had the exact same game, 5 years ago...

MS is back to 2005, now they'll go further in the past, their next invention will probably be the megadrive.

Tony-A3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

This is what has me thinking Kevin Butler will pop up in a Move commercial making fun of Kinect saying:

"Didn't we do this years ago?"

One way Sony can shoot down Kinect appeal is by showing the audience that the games you're going to be paying $60 for used to be on the PS2 5-10 years ago. Of course, MS can come back and say that it's a bigger improvement, but it's also a lot of money (according to rumors).

Truth is, for every game that's been getting attention for Kinect, there's an EyeToy or Wii/DS game that did it before.

Garnett3078d ago

Yeah well i had the Wii mote back in 2006, and the Kinect is way more advanced than Eyetoy could ever be, just like the PS mote is more advanced than Wii mote is.

Triella3078d ago

just so you know, in the video I've posted you need to run in place to move your character forward, you strech your arm above your head to throw or catch the ball, you have to either jump, duck or even hit opponents to avoid tackles.

Is Kinect really that advanced compared to the Eyetoy ?

Folezicle3078d ago

Kinect at E3 was a let down.. A 3rd Part Developer said that it didn't show any of the new features.

Things the eye toy didn't have were:
*Voice Recognition
*Couldn't pick up emotion (Look at Milo for instance)

krisprolls3078d ago

@Garnett : except Move games (Socom, Killzone, Sorcerer, Ruse, Heavy Rain, LBP2) are a lot more advanced than Wii shovelware games

...and Kinect games are NOT more advanced than Eyetoy games (only shovelware and party casual games)

Most Kinect games are inferior to their 2005 Eyetoy countepart

If you can't see Killzone 3 > Kinectimal for a gamer, I can't do anything for you.

Gamefan123078d ago

uumm you guys know the eyetoy is the PS2 camera right ... =)

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get2sammyb3078d ago

Anyone else noticing the Kinect's repetition of movements? Nearly all the games shown so far have you running, jumping and lunging from side to side.

Is this the start of the new waggle? They're all intuitive actions, but mapping your real-world actions to a video game hampers most of the imagination we can get from a video game. In other games I'm able to fight, dive, roll, backflip, cart-wheel etc. But these actions are not very practical for the living room (plus there's not the guarantee everyone is physically able to do those things). So, games have you settle for leaning, running and jumping.

Hmmm. I'm not an athlete, so why would I want to pretend to be one in 1:1? It's just never going to be as good. The illusion's never going to be there because I'm not an athlete. Do you guys see where I'm coming from?

krisprolls3078d ago

Yeah, kinect is definitely one of most pathetic MS "inventions".

There was a reason why Eyetoy wasn't so successful, MS.

You can't play any "meaningful" game with Kinect / Eyetoy.

Apocalypse Shadow3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


the funny thing is that ubisoft's game can be made for pseye too.not even USING the move controller.

same graphics,same gameplay.since the game is on rails and runs for you,with HEAD tracking,you could jump over low tackles,dodge left and right.stiff arm with your arms,etc.still have not seen one game yet that eyetoy and pseye can't do.and don't say the dancing game as you are just mimicking the on screen avatar is shown.

but WITH MOVE,you could add accurate passing,draw your player routes,the color of the ball can tell you who to pass to if they're open.any upper body movement can be duplicated.feet is the only problem.but even then,the video shown above by triella,the guy had to move to get the player to run.

it's like we have gone back in us something eyetoy and pseye can't do.and why vision cam couldn't have done it.

and don't bring up volleyball,soccer or track and field

we've seen that too.

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