Gamersweb: Transformers - War for Cybertron review

I havent watched Transformers since i was 6-7 years old. I know theres movies, games and cartoons still going strong but i really havent taken the time to get back onto that wagon. So i got this game for testing awhile back and ive taken my time to find out if this is something that i could get back into. Check out my review of Transformers War for Cybertron. Does Transformers still matter?

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ElementX3078d ago

Who the hell grades out of 6?


thats what you came to share? if thats the case then the answer is simple, we do

ElementX3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Well 6 is not really a number associated with scores. It's usually 5 or 10 or 100. 6 can't be multiplied by any whole number to equal 10 or 100, which are the generally accepted numbers for a review score. Any particular reason you chose 6? "Just to be different" isn't always a good thing.


who are you? the game scoring police?? who gave you the golden star for watchmen of the year? its like a dice if you didnt get it. throwing a diiiiice. i didnt choose 6 because its not my site, but then again who cares? its not the number thats important its whats wriiiiitten my man

ElementX3078d ago

I'm saying it's hard to translate a score out of 6. Most other scores can be multiplied to the same numbers. With 6, you can't double it to be out of 10. It's hard to average out scores when a website doesn't use numbers that can be easily factored.


ive never had that problem, you know why? because when i read what the critic is writing ill know if that person thinks its a good game or not, the score is for those who dont wanna read reviews. so if 4 out of 6 doesnt fall into your head as a game thats around average then so be it. i cant change the way you view things but then again you cant change the way we review things so its good