The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- To Waggle, Or Not To Waggle? (RunDLC)

RunDLC posted an article explaining why The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword should not have an option to turn off motion controls.

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Gr813019d ago

Are the morons asking for SS to have 'optional' Motion Controls? Since Wii was released that's exactly what gamers wanted. The 1:1 showed at E3 looks fantastic, and overall will enhance the experience.

Just like swinging a raquet, who wants to push a button to swing a sword?


ZoidsRaven3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Probably those FallOut fanboys over at

Gr813019d ago

I'd imagine so. Also, M+ killed the waggle, don't understand how they can use that 'term' if they've actually seen gameplay vids without the infrared interference.

Game looks great, and we didn't even see much of it. A demo area that won't even be in the final game.

Waggle my ass lol.

ZoidsRaven3019d ago

lol So true.

"Waggle" is just a fanboy made term to justify hate for the Wii. You will never see them call the Move or Kenect "waggle". They will actually get it right and call it what it is, motion controls.

True again. Just like with Twilight Princess, a lot of monsters, areas, and moves were not seen in the final version of the game. I believe with Skyward Sword it will be the same. 7_7

Samus HD3019d ago

why do you think they add motion plus??

tunaks13019d ago

anyone who has played RS2 knows what they're getting into,
WM+ is perfect for sword combat.