Blizzard rescinds their decision to use real names in their forums

Moments ago, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime went onto the forums to officially rescind their position on forcing the use of real names on their forums.

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Pennywise3078d ago

lmao... That didn't take long. I have no idea what this company was thinking. This is the internet we are talking about... a place where everyone uses anonymous handles to communicate with others. With all of the identity fraud that goes on over the internet, its good that they changed their mind. I sensed a lot of trouble coming Blizzard's way over this.

BYE3078d ago

The users have spoken. Kotick, beware!

Bandrik3078d ago

GOOOOOOOD. That certainly ups my respect for Blizzard, if only just a tiny shard. I need to repeat why this was an issue, as it's been driven to the ground and beyond by now. So in short: excellent, Smithers... *rubs hands together*