Sonic Colors Hands-On Impressions

Gaming Union writes, "Sega has been taking things up a notch with the announcement of several new games to the Sonic franchise, Sonic 4, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors. All of which were on display at E3 this year. It's an interesting franchise seeing that the classic games were an incredible experience, yet Sonic's 3D outings don't exactly have the best track record to date. It appears that Sega is trying to change that with Sonic Colors, a game that's a good mix between 3D and 2D planes."

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mephman2635d ago

It doesn't seem overly impressive, but here's hoping things improve.

Selyah2635d ago

Sounds like it could be ok, but the controls sound a bit iffy.

mephman2634d ago

Yea, the dreaded camera is back too.