First day sales in Japan

First day sales for Crackdown 2, White Knight Chronicles 2, Wii Party, and more.

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gameseveryday3020d ago

White Knight Chronicles 2 sold a mammoth 107,655. The first one was OK...

Godmars2903020d ago

Its the 2nd to 5th week numbers that actually say something.

KonohagakureFC3019d ago

Yep gotta wait a while first day means nothing

Shang-Long3019d ago

true but not bad for a 1st day sale at all.

klado3019d ago

Mammoth? are you kidding... let see second week though.

TheColbertinator3020d ago

That's actually great sales right there.However I'm still hoping for details on the western release.

NikoleSmash3020d ago

None of these games impressed me but their sales did.

Valay3020d ago

To compare, the first game sold 132,000 units.

ChronoJoe3019d ago

Decent, not fantastic. The first game did generally underwhelm, after all.

kissmeimgreek3019d ago

wow CD2 actually sold alot more than i thought it would haha (and thats not saying much)

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