Five must own XBLA games

There are hundreds of XBLA titles out there nowadays and a lot of them aren't even worth wasting the hard drive space to download the free trial. Here are five, however, that are must owns.

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Cajun Chicken3082d ago

I own none of these games and I have about 8 XBLA titles. Therefore these are not 'must own', at least to me anyway.

Xander7563082d ago

Just means you are missing out then.

Yi-Long3082d ago

- Battlefield 1943
- TrialsHD
- Shadow Complex
- Castle Crashers

Can't really think of a 5th one at the moment.

Xander7563082d ago

BF1943 is glitchy and has horrible graphics. Definitely NOT a must have. Maybe if you like Battlefield games, which most people don't, then you would think so but most gamers no way.

Trials HD is a motorbike game. That is a small niche market. Not a must have by any stretch of the imagination.

karan86243082d ago

Trials HD is one of my favourite XBLA games. Its not really niche, any school kid like me knows that the school board blocks games sites at school. Sports ones being the exception, so I'd be gaming on Trialsbike during library class.

Now thats its 3D, instant userbase

GameScrub3082d ago

Best game ever one XBOX live arcade and with a million+ players competition is stupid fierce and mad fun!

HolyOrangeCows3082d ago

Just means you are missing out then. :)

Theonik3082d ago

5th should be Ikaruga. In-fact if Ikaruga is not the #1 choice then. *smh*

hassi943082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

A small niche market!? It was one of the best selling arcade games of all time and it's niche? I don't do any kind of motorbiking but Trials HD is extremely fun and IS a must have for most people interested in fun arcade games.


To add something:

I own Braid on PC and played Portal with the Orange Box. Haven't played the others, Castle Crashers is fun but not something I can feel like paying money for, and Castlevania isn't really my thing tbh...

My top 5, in no particular order:

Splosion Man
Trials HD
Perfect Dark
Battlefield 1943

(Portal would be number 1 tbh but I didn't play the arcade version)

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HolyOrangeCows3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I have 1 and 2, bought 3 on PSN so I can play on my PSP, I already bought the Orange Box and I don't want to spend $15 for a few extra challenges.

I just need to check out Braid.

I forgot about that one. Looked freaking awesome.
Love the music.

Oh, and I'm definitely getting Super Meat Boy, whenever that releases.

DelbertGrady3082d ago

Check out PB Winterbottom as well. It's similar to Braid and I like it more in some ways.

HammockGames3082d ago

PB Winterbottom is definitely worth the price of admission.

Humorous & engaging at the same time. Excellent puzzles combined with some nifty use of black and white contrasted with the occasional color.

I think we'll be able to add Limbo to this list in the near future. Really looking forward to that one. Looks like what you'd get if Braid and PB Winterbottom shared DNA.

hassi943081d ago

Oh definitely @blowstuffup, I can't wait for Limbo.

AAACE53082d ago

I have 37 arcade titles and only 3 from that list! Aegis because it was free. Castle crashers because my sons picked it. And I bought Braid because it seemed cool at the time, but I haven't played it since.

There are a bunch of other games that would have been better choices.

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darthv723082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Ageis wing was cool when it was free. I dont know if it still is but I recall getting it and playing with 3 other people online and forming the different ships. I have not played it in some time but it is cool none the less.

Castle crashers and braid are two MUST have games. Those are fun in their own respected ways. SOTN is a PS1 classic that most castlevania fans pretty much already have. Although it does have some smoothed out gfx.

Portal is part of the orange box but this version is nice for those who did not get the whole package. Oddly, I got the orange box for $15 new from target which makes that a better deal than just portal by itself.

Tastes will always differ and while these games are good I wouldnt rank them all as "must own". My tastes are a bit older and I like arcade type games like after burner climax which is half price right now (grrrrr I paid full price). I would love to see sega bring out a daytona or a new thunderblade for xbla/psn.

Some other great xbla games to consider would be shadow complex, pacman championship ed, geowars2 and a long forgotten multiplayer fun game called undertow.

There are many more but i can see with this list he is sharing his tastes with everyone else.

Xander7563082d ago

Yeah Aegis Wing is still free.

dizzleK3082d ago

toy soldiers should be on the list, i've had more fun with it than alot of full priced releases.

ranmafandude3082d ago

splosion man,shadow complex, and trails hd.

whitesoxfalife3082d ago

man i got like 20 xbla titles i say trails hd is now my favorite

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