Blizzard Buckles on Forced Real ID

Just a few minutes ago, Blizzard's CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime announced that Blizzard is in fact NOT going to enforce Real ID real names on the forums.

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Fyzzu3080d ago

Hurrah. The only sane option.

Leord3080d ago

You said it.

Hehe, pretty much the opposite you said to the first reply in the massive forum thread.. where they said it was an insane option..

Or am I not remembering right?

Porco3080d ago

I see what you mean, but I think you misremember a little bit :)

Djorgo3080d ago

I wonder if they will look back on this and learn or just head in to the next corporate decision in the same way?

HolyOrangeCows3080d ago

Good to hear. Gaming doesn't need "World of Warcraft gamer kills so-and-so" on the news because of Real ID making it easy for raging dorks to find people.

Dorjan3080d ago

YAY! And they say internet petitions don't work!

syrinx3080d ago

Agreed, I didnt think they would cave in on this. There is hope for petitions yet.

Djorgo3080d ago

I will remember this day a long time...

Hehe, it IS possible to change Blizz decisions with enough momentum!

Dac2u3080d ago

I think this had more to do with their decision then the petition.

"Blizzard's Bashiok first victim of the Real ID

According to the website Gamona, Blizzard community manager Bashiok posted his real name on the official World of Warcraft Forums, in an attempt to defend the controversial Real ID. Within minutes, forum users revealed all the important stages of his life, his phone number, address, age, preferences...even the name of his wife and the school of his children. This obviously shows that the Real ID is quite questionable."

danielle0073080d ago

I really agree. That article was kind of terrifying.

Redempteur3080d ago

woah internet petitions works ??
i need to wake up

syrinx3080d ago

whoah they actually caved in. wow.

Djorgo3080d ago

I was starting to doubt they would buckle :)

Leord3080d ago

Well, I wonder if this was a real Blizz decision or if ActiZard felt they might lose revenue?

SCFreelancer3080d ago

That doesn't really matter much now does it, as long as its changed ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.