Higurashi: Matruibiyashi Set for July 15th Release

GameZone: "For fans of the Higurashi: When They Cry series of all-age visual novels, MangaGamer has announced this week that the eighth and final chapter of the mystery series will be released on July 15. Entitled Higurashi: Matsuribiyashi, the chapter continues from where the last one left off, leaving all of the players and pieces from the last couple of chapters at wits end as everything moves in perpetual motion."

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Viper73078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Dunno about the all-age visual novel part tough, Higurashi has its brutal and psychopathic parts as well. Dunno about the answer arcs tough.

I really hope at least some of these vn's get more attention, there are plenty good with really good plot but many just tend to ignore them for the AO rated fan service that they tend to offer. (Note: Manga gamer offers more suitable versions for those who prefer the slightly cut version)

Would buy Higurashi but I have yet to convince myself on DL only games/visual novels.