White Knight Chronicles 2 Makes Strong First Day Debut

Level-5’s mmorpg White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness was released on Thursday in Japan and the game already has taken the top spot. Early reports are indicating that first day sales of WKC 2 sit at 107k units sold.

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ClownBelt3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Woot. Great news.

It's on the article.

Forbidden_Darkness3079d ago

how many did the first one sell on day one?

Forbidden_Darkness3079d ago

So it did worse, hmmmm. Well i didn't enjoy the first one (didnt even play that much) so im not looking forward to this one.


Can't believe IGN gave the first game a 5.1 and constantly call it "terrible" on their podcasts.

Chris3993079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Excellent sales for a Spring game. It will probably do over 200K for the week.

And IGN's review was a complete waste of time, seeing as they never played the online component. Anyone who has actually plumbed the game will tell you that the offline takes maybe 30 hours whereas the online can go for hundreds (570ish for me). You can't review an MMO on the day the servers launch. The game is at least a 6-7, much higher if you're in it for the multi-player or enjoy JRPGs.

Labwarrior must be asleep under his bridge still, he hasn't found this thread yet. Knightdarkbox is here though. Wouldn't be a WKC 1/2 thread without them!

sikbeta3079d ago

WKC2 is Better than The First One, I don't Give a Damn what anyone can say about the Game, I want it NOW!!!

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knightdarkbox3079d ago

Its sad to see that this RPG did not achieve the high expectations. The fake video of 2006 was very promising...( the 1 game)

I hope Level 5 sees this and gets their act together. I guess I'm just going to skip this game. Too many reviews are saying its very bland.

ThanatosDMC3079d ago

That fake video was amazing... i wish it looked like that. Sadly i cant find it on youtube anymore by itself. It always has some crappy background music taking up all the sound.

FFXI1013078d ago

Yeah? I could say the same on most RPGs released on 360.

"Too many reviews are saying its very bland" Right, keep trolling, there's reason why you only got one bubble.

PirosThe4th3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

The gameplay from the video was scrapped... I guess because it wouldn't work as well with bigger and massive enemies.
Maybe they will make another one with that gameplay if this one does well and people ask for it.

FURY__UNLEASHED3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Edit: double post, weird.

Thepro3183079d ago

time based rpg get boring DEMONS SOULS didn't have that

Veneno3079d ago

actually it did but it was called the stamina stat.

beardpapa3079d ago

thought this would sell better than the first one considering it has the first game on disc too doesn't it ? Wouldn't 2 games in 1 attract newcomers to the series?

Davoh3079d ago

Great news indeed, now just need it to release over here and we'll be sorted

FFXI1013078d ago

I agree with you.

I, myself has about 400+hours in it and I'm only at GR12. To reach GR15 will probably takes me forever or even after the WKC2 released :(

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Myst3079d ago

Let's hope it gets shipped out to other countries soon!

Good to see it did well.

Spenok3078d ago

Yeah, i don't want to have to wait 2 years for this to hit American shores. I loved the first one.

xztence3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

That's great although i'm STILL disappointed they didn't manage to match the gameplay of the game to the first trailer they showed a few years ago and the sequel doesn't seem to match it either. I think that sort of gameplay is possible if they put the effort needed.
I hope Level-5 steps up their game and outdo themselves in the future.
I'm still buying the game to support JRPG devs.

PirosThe4th3079d ago

well... the gameplay in that trailer seems to me too western... but rather innovative. I think they had to change it because they found it rather boring or something. It reminds me of the last remnant with more prompts and actions to do.
I didnt buy the first but I am sure I will buy WKC 2...
The trailer seems to have really awesome HDR lighting and other stuff... I said that is possible in ps3, even GOW3 looks better... oh well... maybe the enxt big game its goign to be like that...
Ps3 still young...

Chuk_Chuk3079d ago

Didn't know this was out. Reviews look decent so i may get the second one.

Lumbo3079d ago

Hopefully it does not take more than a year to ship in the west this time. I really liked the first one, and the online mode is great, no matter what the trolls claim.

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