The Ten Most Irrational Videogame Endings

GameSpy: After the Final Boss goes down, these games go crazy.

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SupaGamer2716d ago

Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special ending:

Your character was using his drive and ambition as a treatment for depression. Having achieved all he can, you kill yourself.

That's damn rediculous. lol.

D4RkNIKON2715d ago

I like the pic for the article, Super Mario Bros 2 ending lol

lightningsax2715d ago

The Dog Ending might be irrational, but it's also all kinds of awesome. Love the looping and pausing dog song on the credits!

NarooN2715d ago

It was irrational, but it was indeed awesome. Still not as awesome as the UFO endings though.

Triggs2716d ago

There was this DOS game when you finished it, it said "you Win" and dumped you right back to DOS.


haha hell yeah! super fire pro wrestling goes out with a bang!!

mirroredderorrim2716d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Mike Tyson's punchout.
He compliments you, you see portraits of everyone who you fought, they reuse the music from the title screen and loop it over and over, then they show Little Mac and his fighting stats...the end.

I-so-wanted there to be a secret fighter or something... I ALWAYS thought Rocky Balboa was a secret character in MT'sPO. rofl.

Note: Soda Popinski's true name in the comments.

jaredhart2715d ago

Yeah, but that was a good ending back in the NES days.

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The story is too old to be commented.