Worldwide Weekly Chart ending 3rd July

DS---- 260,348 (-5%)---131,438 ,411
X360-- 181,473 (-16%)--40,773 ,844
Wii---- 154,987 (-5%)---72,41 1,150
PS3--- 120,757 (-4%)---35,740 ,371
PSP--- 73,525 (-4%)---58,799, 589
PS2----28,760 (-8%)---136,460 ,635
Total---819,850 (-8%)

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GWAVE3079d ago

But I thought sales didn't matter, because Alan Wake sold like crap and the 360 has been getting outsold by the PS3 year after years?

Just like Metacritic doesn't matter anymore?

Omega43079d ago

Your right sales don't matter that much, but when people such as yourself start saying silly things like the PS3 will surpass the 360 WW things like this need to be posted to set you straight.

As for AW, 500K isn't amazing but is decent for a new IP with not advertising

bioshock12213079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You seem mad. Anyways I'm surprised the Xbox 360 slim had that big of an effect since it technically wasn't a price cut. All it was just more features added to it. I didn't expect it to start selling like it is.

It really has done wonders for the Xbox 360 considering it hasn't been released in Europe yet until the 16th I believe it's doing great everywhere else. It's sold out in most places I visit it's backorder so supply is limited right now.

darthv723079d ago

Is it available worldwide or is it still in the US for now?

moparful993079d ago

This "sales boost" has very little to do with the slim and more to do with the discounting that microsoft is doing on the older unites. They have cut prices by 50 bucks on all models and that alone was enough to spur most of these sales. Once the older units are gone and the dust settles the 360 will fall back into the same ole and being outsold world wide by the ps3.. Oh as a fun note this jump in 360 sales is mostly thanks to the american market.. Its still being outsold in japan and all other regions.. Lolz poor 360 has to use smoke and mirrors to have you believe that its still beating the ps3.. Sad really..

Wikkid6663079d ago


Slim is available in the US and Japan as of now. Sold out in both regions. Europe is soon.

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ClownBelt3079d ago


kanetheking3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

there the vid of ppl who not seen it.o yer put CC on

Shadow Flare3079d ago

Hmm, instead of 'lol'ing at vgchartz, maybe you could do something about it and find a better source for worldwide sales data. If you're that sick of vgchartz, FIND a better source, if there even is one. At the moment, vgchartz is the best indication of what the worldwide sales data might be, until official fiscal data comes through. Yeah, we all know its not fully accurate, but unfortunately its the best we have for the mean time. Even if its not 100% accurate, it interests me to see what the ballpark figure is, and i get sick of people going "lolz teh vgchartzzzz". If you dont like the site, do us all a favour and find a better one

Afro-Ninja23079d ago

I found this, but it's missing alot of media create data, and some numbers from canada and UK

Spenok3079d ago

Well said. I use VGchartz simply because its the best i have offered to me right now. People need to realize that as you said. Yeah, it may not be 100% accurate, but at least its close. If there's something better out there. Let me know via PM.

georgeenoob3079d ago

Lmao rawr goes the PS3 defense force. Wonder what's their next excuse.

captainjy3078d ago

Shortages. There's always something or someone to blame for Sony's failures.

tinybigman3079d ago

those who live for sales (americans mostly) can sleep better at night again for a 2nd straight week. just play the games and stop caring about sales of plastic boxes.

better yet how about you go out and buy alan wake which is a pretty good game.

moparful993079d ago

Alan wake was mediocre. I only played about an hour and a half before I became bored...

tinybigman3079d ago

well that's you opinion. you don't speak for those that actually liked/loved the game. you sure as hell don't speak for me; i have a mind of my own to determine whether i like a game or not.

hybridtheory123079d ago

PS3 only third in America....and America right now has NO money. SO idk where the sales come from....

captainjy3078d ago

Uh, when America doesn't have money, the rest of the world is in the crapper.

Mizz_mai3079d ago

good for M$ and the 360 s models not even out in PAL regions yet.....

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fr0sty3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

it's funny, slim has sold so well it's been out of stock all year, outselling 360 the entire time week for week since slim launched. 360 slim launches and A) it's seeing nowhere near the kind of sales ps3 slim saw when it launched B) it's sales are already falling back off again, especially in Japan and C) at this rate by the end of the month PS3 will be back on top again.

When ps3 slim launched, it was outselling xbox by a matter of hundreds of thousands of units per week, and even outsold wii in certain instances. 360 slim launches, and it barely edges out PS3 (in comparison to slim's stomping of 360 when it launched, 60k is next to nothing). Hardly anything to celebrate over. If anything, it's embarrassing to see it falling off so quickly when it didn't even get that far ahead to begin with. The 360 slim dropped in sales by more than 30k units since last week alone. That's 1/3 of the difference in sales it had over PS3 lost in one week. 2 more weeks and things will be back to even, 4 more weeks ps3 will be right back on top again. might want to hold off on popping that champagne cork...

But of course, when that time does come that's when VGChartz will start becoming unreliable again.

demonddel3078d ago

are you butthurt bout it

Independent_Charles3078d ago

errm yeah its been out for about a week in usa and japan, it hasnt come out in europe yet either

gamerzBEreal173078d ago

ps3s last in sales but we all know who wins in quility 3D blu-ray gaming god of war3 uncharted2 motorstorm3 franchise heavy rain GT5 socom4 demon souls killzone2 and so many others free online so we dont pay another $300 at the end of the gen browser u can share movies music and themes from free games every month with psn plus next gen rumble in the controllers bluray makes it really hard to scratch a disk i have never done it since i had my ps3 and i had 8 copies of gears from that 10% failure rat is normal so we dont have to worry i leave my ps3 on for 2 days stright i have to turn my 360 off every couple of hours and please nobody say "but we have xbox live"...but YOUR PAYING TO PLAY ONLINE and dont give me no ur paying for the features b/c u can use most the features as a silver member only thing ur paying $300 for in 6 years is to unlock the other 50% of the game u just spent $60 on...

r1sh123078d ago

I just hope before all the flame wars begin by the fan boys.
That everyone should notice that every device on the world wide hardware has had a drop in sales from previous week.
If they all have dropped then thats not a good thing for the entire industry..

MadMan003078d ago

Psh, Sales mean everything, if they didn't most game may not even exist, lol.

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Halo_Reach3079d ago

Then Mass Effect 2 is the king and its only on Xbox 360.

if we go for sales than Black Ops and Halo Reach on 360 will crush Ps3 Exclusives since Day 1 All together...

Just saying...

Hyrius3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Since when is Mass Effect 2 a 360 exclusive ? It's on PC too, and better.

cobraagent3079d ago

GT5 will outsell Black Ops (PS3 sales only) and maybe even Reach

demonddel3078d ago

its not gonna happen sorry

nygamer283078d ago

i hate halo....but fact is its gonna push millions

SilverSlug3079d ago

Game deserves better sales.

(repeating what 360 fans said about Uncharted 2)

sGIBMBR3079d ago

Both ME2 & UC2 deserve better sales

GodHandDee3079d ago

Sold like crap too, for shame cuz it's such a quality title
and yea it's on the PC too bud ;) not exactly an 'exclusive' a 'console exclusive' more like it

CernaML3079d ago

How does "console exclusive" make sense anyway? Wouldn't that mean it's exclusive to consoles ONLY? Should we call it a "PC Exclusive" just because it might not be available on Mac or Linux as well?

shoddy3079d ago

That 5mil gap is getting smaller every day.

Spenok3079d ago

I hate to burst your bubble buddy, but ME2 is also on PC.

krisprolls3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

So why did I play Mass Effect 2 best version on my PC ?

That's the problem you see, your "360 exclusives" are available on my PC, therefore they're not... exclusive at all.

On the other hand, the PS3 exclusives are just that... exclusive, as "not available except on PS3".

moparful993079d ago

You are WRONG! lol if you look again bud then you will see that mass effect 2 and uncharted 2 have the exact same metacritic score. So on that note if you wanna go by metacritic then grand theft auto has both games beat with a 98 which makes it the highest rated game on either console.. As far as sales go all it shows is that 90 percent of the 360 market are shooter nuts who buy anything with alot of guns. Argue all you want but the two best selling games on the console are shooters. Sony doesnt have any games that get near those numbers with the exception of modern warfare 2.. But sony has a slew of games that sell well above 1 million which is the benchmark in determing a successful game in terms of sales... So before you spew your "verbal diaharea" again just stop.. You only succeed in makin yourself look naive and fanboyish...

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gamerzBEreal173078d ago

Mass Effect2 is a 96 with
98 reviews

Uncharted2 is a 96 with
105 reviews

when u have more reviews its a better chance your score is lower not to meantion only 7 sites with "playstation" in it has reviewd uncharted and gave it a 94 and up but mass effec2 has 11 sites with xbox in it 94 and up did metacritic try to boost up the score of ME2 by adding sites that were automatically going to give it a high score? and at that giving it LESS reviews when we all know how popular mass effect and xbox360 are? so why does sonys uncharted2 have more reviews? dont go by metacritic...

and sales dont matter

its the gamers who see the quility and every console wiis quility motion ohh wait sonys doing that in HD and with better accuracy so nintendos out microsofts is xbox live and gears of war ohh wait uncharted2 lags less and has a GREAT story and beautiful color and psn is free sony even throws free stuff at u with psn plus microsofts takes yours money but wait its worth it? would u really pay for it if u can already play online for free on 360? b/c i had a 360 and if that was an option i wouldn't pay for cross game chat and cross game invites and party chat lmao noboy talks on that thing anyway they just scream and argue

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Halo_Reach3079d ago

i just do this to shut up fanboys... i hope Gt5 and Reach sell 10 Milions plus... Good sales , more games.

Unicron3079d ago

Fanboys will never shuttup. Best to just point and laugh.

kanetheking3079d ago

man ur a least be real and not lie

tinybigman3079d ago

i don't understand why people care about the sales of the systems when we all know that neither of the 3 companies will be leaving the business anytime soon. check out the great games i've played this year so far

God of War 3
Heavy Rain (favorite game on PS3 this year so far)
Alan Wake (favorite game on 360 this year so far)
Splinter Cell Conviction
3D Dot Game Heroes
Mass Effect 2 (360)
Battlefield 2 (360 single player only)
ModNation Racers
Final Fantasy 13 (PS3) (love it, don't care what others say)
Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
WKC (liked it)
Dante's Inferno (PS3)
Bioshock 2 (360)
Star Ocean (PS3)
Lost Planet 2 (PS3)
Bayonetta (360 did not like this game at all)
Darksiders (360)
GTA Liberty City Stories (PS3)

as you can tell i pretty much don't care to be a single console owner. i love games and each system has games that i want to play.

bloodybutcher3078d ago

how the hell do you find time to play all these games?o_O i mean i own only ps3 and i struggle sometimes with playing all games i want to.that's also the reason why i won't buy x360( i'm not interested in Wii) because i have no idea how i would find time to play,well,more or less twice as many games o_O

Counter Strike3079d ago

Will allways be huge. Next Gen Xbox Brand will Destroy Nintendo in Americas.

Hallmark Moment3079d ago

Too bad the 360-S is selling out so fast msft can't keep them on shelves. They're back ordered in many places for weeks. This news will slip through the cracks and tomorrow when somebody mentions this news PS3 fanboys will say not true got a link