Go! Gaming Giant: NCAA Football 11 Review

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omicron0093077d ago

never got into college football, but this game looks great!

Fabian3077d ago

Not being American, college "football" generally just seems like an even more obscure version of a sport that is already completely absent here. That said, I have felt a weird draw to Madden some years, and somehow NCAA seems like it has more "heart", as nuts as that sounds. It's been a few years since I played an American Football game, so I might have to give in and try it.

Murgatroyd73076d ago

Although I can't stand football, this doesn't sound half bad. I doubt I'll ever play it, but it looks like it'll be great for fans.

RaymondM3075d ago

Yeah man, same here. I've never been much of a football fan as much as baseball. But this looks as promising as I've seen before. But hey, maybe i'll check it out. I haven't really played a football game since blitz haha although I wouldnt count that really since its a little too on the ridiculous side