What To Do This Weekend: Mirror’s Edge

Brutal Gamer writes:

"I was cruising around the other day wondering what I would like to do this weekend. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an old friend.

Well, actually we might have been called more than just friends. We got pretty hot and heavy for a little while.

Sure there were some frustrating moments but every relationship goes through its share of problems. For the most part though, it was unsullied enjoyment.

The more I think about it the more I think it’s time to revisit my old flame. It won’t be long term, but you know it wouldn’t hurt to spend a weekend together. Who knows? Maybe that spark is still there.

The flame I am talking about is, of course, Mirror’s Edge."

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ironcreed3079d ago

I loved the demo, but ultimately decided to hold off on this one because I heard it was so short. Recently I have been buying up games that I put on the back-burner and this was one of them. Got it for $12.00 new on Amazon and should be getting it in a day or so. Looking forward to finally playing it and for a measly $12.00, I think it will be very much worth it.

moosehound3079d ago

You REALLY won't regret it :) This game was such a nice change to the diet of shooters and arcade action titles that were swamping the market back then. So wish DICE would announce a sequel!

JsonHenry3078d ago

I just bought this game for $5 on the STEAM summer sale. Gonna have to try it out soon as I beat Cryostasis.

Perjoss3077d ago

its a fantastic game with a very cool soundtrack and very nice setting, thats all I have to say really.

claterz3079d ago

I only just completed Mirrors Edge yesterday even though i've had it since I bought my PS3, I did actually play it at first but I got stuck so I just forgot about it. After completing it I can say it's one of the most enjoyably games I have, it's good to play a game that isn't all about graphics, even though this games art style is amazing and really unique. Buy this game if you're bored of the same old games that keep coming out XD

dgroundwater3078d ago

Some players like myself will find the gameplay fascinating. The time-attack mode will keep hardcore players going for weeks or more!

NJShadow3078d ago

Absolutely LOVED Mirror's Edge, can't wait for the sequel!

uisce3078d ago

Finished this last weekend, very addictive. Plus it looks & sounds great!
Would buy a sequel day one, though if you don't like Tomb-Raider style precision jumps - it mightn't be your game.

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The story is too old to be commented.