Two Worlds II Trailer And Details

Reality Pump has released new details and a trailer for upcoming open-world RPG Two Worlds II.

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SeanRL3078d ago

I actually didn't hear about this game until just today. It looks really fun though.

Djorgo3078d ago

2 Worlds 2

gotta be funny :)

Darkfiber3078d ago

Looks much better than the first, but then again that's a cinematic style trailer, it doesn't show any of the combat, which may be bad, or the voice acting which we already know is atrocious.

ironcreed3078d ago

The voice acting is nothing like the first game. There is gameplay footage on Youtube to confirm this. It is also using an entirely new engine and each version is being built from the ground up. There are no ports this time. It is a completely new game and Reality Pump deserves credit for actually listening and showing that they want to make a better game. I'll be buying it, I know that much.

GoodSpeed3078d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic because the first had a lot of good ideas but was so restricted by its technical flaws. If they can deliver a similar product without the hiccups then I'm on board.

asyouburn3078d ago

be good! i really wanted to like two worlds, i really did

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The story is too old to be commented.