2nd Dragon Quest IX Advertising Starring Seth Green

Dragon Quest IX is coming to U.S.A. in a few days. There are several release events around the country. Also, there is a new trailer with Seth Green - check it out!

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Fefe3083d ago

Oh dudes - can't wait for getting my own Dragon Quest IX game!

Cloudberry3083d ago

I like the first & this video.

franktheprankreturns3083d ago

Every time I see Seth Green I have to think of the nerdy Nerf advertising. Does anybody still remember this?

portablegaming3083d ago

Big lol. I truly never saw that one. The haircut is awesome.... NOT!

SpoonyRedMage3083d ago

That was much better than the first one!:D

portablegaming3083d ago

The first one was just true boring. I really like him, because I loved his time as werewolf in Buffy. And he is a funny actor.

jazzking20013083d ago

i already watched this ad a few days ago

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