Sony Pulls Bare Anime Breasts from the PlayStation Network

Free TV show gave users the (mostly) full female form.

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Chris3993085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

From the article:

"...users could watch the show, which ends after the main character strips down naked, puts on a suit of armor and locks the main enemy in a bear hug so that the foe's nipples can't discharge the acid inside her breasts. The enemy's breasts expand like balloons, explode and kill her. The official PlayStation Store description that ran with the free episode referenced the enemy's demise: 'Reina defeats Melona by stopping the acid that shoots from her breasts.' "

The sheer ridiculousness of that statement makes me want to watch the show now. Viral marketing? :P

Edit: Well it worked. D/l it as we speak! Explosive toxic breasts ftw! This is why I love the Japanese - tasteless and hysterical (a tad misogynistic at times too, sadly).

knight6263084d ago

how u get free movies? i dont see a free movie section? anyone know?

LilSis3084d ago

yea man, tats what im talking bout!

rdgneoz33084d ago

Under TV section, bottom one is "Free TV" has mostly previews and such from shows.

Trey_4_life3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

At first i thought ''oh no not more Politically correct nonsense'', then i came to my senses and realised it's sony, and as everyone knows sony do everything they can for the customers interest.

With all the kids that are on PSN who are coming from xbox live due to boredom then i can completely understand why sony would pull this down. Well done sony, good move and you have my backing.

The futures bright, the futures playstation.

webeblazing3083d ago

yes psn be giving free tv shows now and then i wish the stuff on there was cheaper. they have alot of contant on there but im not ballin

Gawdl3y3080d ago

Oh booo, those silly prudish Americans. This wasn't hurting anybody.

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UnwanteDreamz3085d ago

"a tad misogynistic at times too, sadly"

A tad? LOL

Oh and boooo for taking it down Sony. Acid spewing nipples are what PSN was missing.

rdgneoz33084d ago

For those that miss acid spewing nipples on the PSN, you can find the series here:

thereapersson3084d ago

I'm 12 years old and what is this

BABY-JEDI3084d ago

& if you could put it on You Tube then please let us know ; )

BABY-JEDI3084d ago

& if he explains, please put it on You Tube LoL ; )

ThanatosDMC3084d ago

That description alone is making me so curious.

Spenok3084d ago

Lol, i have to agree. To bad my wife would never let me watch it :/

skip2mylou3084d ago

lol gotta love queens blade its some good stuff

beardpapa3084d ago

oh... THAT anime. They have a season 2 for those not-in-the-know.

ProjectVulcan3084d ago

What the....? Put it back up for free already :-)

xX TriiCKy Xx3084d ago

How'd you get to download it? A Japanese account?

Chris3993084d ago

I won't post links or anything, as that's probably against the rules :)

I think it was on the US PSN store (couldn't find it in the Canadian one).

Persistantthug3084d ago

And Now I'm here with the quickness. :)

gameplayingfool3083d ago

Not traditionally an anime fan, now i'm interested.

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Snakefist303085d ago

Lol Seriously.DAM!!! Japanese are dam gud at these kind of things.

Godmars2903085d ago

First thought that came into my mind was Fox network - when Saturday morning cartoons existed - airing Vision of Escaflowne. With its dragon gutting, gallons of blood being spilled and lesbian cat-sisters love making scenes. Though much of that happens later, they aired 3 episodes before pulling it.

Why is it that went Westerners hear "animated" they only think Tom and Jerry or such?

Solidus187-SCMilk3085d ago

in Ghost in the shell, streaming in HD from netflix. Yay, GitS, better than acid tits over there.

Redempteur3085d ago

too bad the first season of queen blade is garbage even uncensored and full of nudity ...

Second season is way better ( i lost way less brain cells )

despair3084d ago

lol didn't even make it through the first season..way too much nonsense to waste my time on...

Redempteur3084d ago

i didn't ... i can tell you skip to the second season ... you won't miss much and you won't feel lost ..

The second season is way better ( unless you dislike fan service as a whole )

kratos1233084d ago

why are you watching animes like queens blade come on

Redempteur3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

First the games are fun
Second fanservice never hurts
With such a diverse cast of females you are sure to find at least one character you enjoy watching (tomoe for me )