Europe Relase List from Konami

Konami recently released a list with upcoming games for Nintendo Wii and DS.

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portablegaming2996d ago

Konami is running out of good games. We need a Castlevania 3DS! Well at least Metal Gear is going 3DS.

SpoonyRedMage2996d ago

Igarashi already said he's got a 3DS development kit. The chances of there not being a Castlevania on the 3DS are very, very slim.

portablegaming2996d ago

Yeah, how would they want to make it? 2D-Style but in 3D graphics or 3D-Style like the console version? It still would be slick.

SpoonyRedMage2996d ago

Well he complimented the DS for the fact that 2D is the norm on it so he might for that... but it could go either way.

Even sprite 2D could work with the different layers, it could look really cool depending on the effects they use.

RedPawn2996d ago

Don't forget he does the DS CastleVania games because of the touch tech, which adds extra dimension to gameplay.

Blacktric2996d ago

God I love that old Konami logo ever since I saw it at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid...

franktheprankreturns2996d ago

That list clearly demonstrates that the Wii and the Nintendo DS are dead. We need a new Nintendo home console as well. Hopefully with 3D and without glasses.

Fefe2996d ago

Why're Wii and DS dead? PES, Beyblade, FROGGER RETURNS!!!! - come on, those may not be blockbusters like Mario, but I can't wait to play 'em.

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