Why Hardcore Gamers Still Matter

If you are passionate about console gaming, this E3 may have made you think about the future of video gaming. There was an underlying trend towards much more family-friendly group games, often mistakenly called casual games, and as an enthusiast gamer you may wonder whether you still matter and whether you may be abandoned in favor of a much greater number of general gamers. You should not worry too much. A game platform lives and breathes because of hardcore gamers and every platform needs them to survive. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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piroh3078d ago

without core games there would be only chaos

RatFuker3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

because only noobs play casual games like kinectimals XD. kinectimals its such a joke....

Mr Tretton3077d ago

Cores will always matter, as casuals are fair weather.


i now have a wheatus song fair weather freind stuck in my head

on topic yes without us they would be doomed