F1 2010 - The Multiplayer Race According to T4RG4

In what has to be one of the coolest write-ups from a developer, ever (!), Steve Hood, aka T4RG4, posted his take on a recent multiplayer race at the Codemasters Birmingham studio. He was racing with fellow developer Lee [can't remember last name], with the rest of the field filled out by the AI on Legend difficulty (highest difficulty in the game). I’ll let you read the rest, but if you even remotely like F1 and/or racing games, you MUST read this!

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SynGamer2692d ago

Be sure to check out T4RG4's second post (below his first post). Great read!

Jake3602692d ago

Indeed. Can't wait for my first 100% race!

memots2692d ago

This is going to be F*%^@N AWESOME !!!

I am going to get this on pc and maybe on ps3 since i can use my G25 on both. This post maybe sit at the edge of my seat.
I used to be part of a Gtr2 and Gtr-Evo online and i know the rush , Stress , dry mouth and frustation of Full simulation setting when racing multiplayer.

I have been waiting for a next gen F1 Sim for a long time and it looks like Codemaster is going to deliver !! WOUHOU !!

SynGamer2691d ago

Same happened to me. It literally was playing out as if I was there watching them race. It was awesome. September is going to be a great month.

aaron58292691d ago

It's OFFICIAL ! I cant wait for this game..