Can you imagine being a girl and having your real name exposed via Real ID?

Can you imagine being a girl and having your real name exposed on forums?

Hungry men out there could search for girls via Real ID and could turn into a huge dating network.

Find out what a World of Warcraft girl wrote...

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TheLeprachaun3079d ago

No different to being a guy. At all....

toaster3079d ago

I normally don't care if a gamer is male or female but this RealID thing is way out of line. People should have a right to anonymity.

HolyOrangeCows3079d ago

People get raped and killed for beating people in games like Counter-Strike. You make it that much easier for people to find out your identity....oh crap! You're just a Facebook search away from an pathetic deranged psychopathy murdering you.

And yes, as a female, dorks are likely to facebook search you, see your pretty facebook pictures, and set out to pull you by the hair to their social-retardant cave to have their way.

Oh well. I don't play World of Dorkcraft. I'd rather not waste $15 a month on ONE game.

BeaArthur3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

It's totally different. You must be aware of how women get treated in this industry. Not to mention all of the WoW weirdos that could potentially stock them if they found out they were a girl. Nobody probably wants their real name out there, but it's probably even worse for a girl.

wages of sin3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"Probably worse for a girl"?

Females aren't the only ones who get stalked. It wasn't that long ago here on the front page there was the story about the man who got stabbed; missing his heart by and inch. He killed a guy online who then tracked him down for seven months.

"You must be aware of how women get treated in this industry". And what does that mean exactly? If that were the case, there would be stories of sexual harrassment or unequal treatment almost daily. If you're referring to how they are treated online by their fellow gamers, that's not the industry, those are the gamers and that's why RealID would be good. However I've never heard of this happening, at least not to the point that it's some kind of "epidemic".

I'm not saying I agree with RealID. I do like the fact that you can't just say whatever you want and not be held responsible, that part is good. However, I refuse to believe that females should be anymore "afraid" then a male. It works both ways.

Tell that to gay gamers, gamers who get racially harassed, gamers who are kids..., it goes on and on. No one is an exception and just because that person is female doesn't mean that she should be considered special in this situation.

We're supposed to be equal. It's long time we started acting like it instead of constantly reverting back to "special" considerations and priveleages.

iforgotmylogin3079d ago

See what she forgets to realize is that she probably has a Facebook
and all these other social accounts so her name was already on the internet
any stalker worth his salt can find some1. with the smallest details.

BeaArthur3079d ago

A female is far more likely to be harassed (sexually and otherwise) than a male. If you don't realize that you need to start paying more attention. You are correct though, I meant community more so than industry.

Christopher3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

***just because that person is female doesn't mean that she should be considered special in this situation. ***

It's not about being special, but it's another example of how this decision can reflect badly upon individuals.

How is a guild that is comprised of mostly middle-eastern persons going to be treated by some, now possible to know based on their true names? How are Asian gamers going to be treated? How are female gamers going to be treated?

The anonymity of online handles doesn't open these doors to the real issues of bigotry in the world. With this change, it now becomes an issue that will invade the community.

People aren't all nice, and they take it out on a wide array of individuals. Revealing true identities helps those type of people. Can you imagine being found out as an ethnicity on the site and getting PMs blaming you for the death of a family member in a war? Getting constant PMs from men who have nothing better to do than hit on a woman?

I wasn't just speaking as if women were the only ones here affected, but it was a specific element of this I hadn't thought of until now.

But, to be honest, I have to say that women are 'special' in this regard considering the huge difference between the number of men who harass women versus women who harass men in real life. In many states there's a law that requires businesses to lock woman's bathrooms and provide a key for access so as to prevent the chance of a sexual assault. Why? Because almost every single sexual assault made is by a man against a woman.

sorceror1713079d ago

@iforgotmylogin: Uh, dude - some people keep their forum identity different from their Facebook identity. Go take a look here, they actually address it:

@wages of sin: Policies should be neutral, sure. But if they have a disproportionate effect on some people, then that's should be taken into account when the policy is evaluated. If you don't think women *do* get treated differently (note: *do*, has nothing to do with *should*), set up a female alt on some forums and run an experiment...

Christopher3079d ago

@sorceror171: Excellent find for a write up on why this is wrong. Thanks for the link. +bubs.

ruiner44823078d ago

This is the internet it is inherently anonymous. If you don't like that aspect of it, then you should probably leave the internet. I'm not sure how realid works but I'd imagine they tie your in-game name to the name on your credit card?? Or how do they get your "real" name? Easy way around it is just get a prepaid debit card and put it in someone elses name.

No retard on the internet will get my real name unless I want to give it to them.

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Christopher3079d ago

Not at all the same.

That's a side I haven't thought about, though, is the result this will have on women gamers who rely on anonymity in order to protect themselves from those who would harass them online. I know many women gamers who even play only male characters to further hide their gender. I think this will likely reduce the chances of seeing more female posters, or at least reduce it to only posts that are needed (technical support and the such).

R2D23079d ago

is Ugene Edward the Third : )

moe843079d ago

Both men and women get harassed, but women tend to take the bulk of the crap.

spandexxking3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

the only reason why people are complaining is because you used mummy and daddy's credit card.

pixelsword3079d ago

HONESTLY, who uses their real names online? People who want their identities stolen, that's who.

Spenok3078d ago

Especially if you think about how crazy people can get. Stabbing someone over a CS game. Sad indeed. The way i see it? Just don't post on there forums lol

synce3078d ago

A little bit of rape never hurt anyone

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Brugs3079d ago

You are right in that, but the story covers about the dating approach and here the girls could be the primary target :)

TheLeprachaun3079d ago

Unfortunately I couldn't read the story, as the link is broken.

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Tsuru3079d ago

Personally people are going crazy for nothing, just dont post on the forums if you dont want it revealed. People seem to care more about the forums then they do about the real game.

Christopher3079d ago

That's the issue. Blizzard is implementing a rule that pretty much encourages people to not be a part of a community because it forces certain things out in the open that can greatly affect how they are treated and seen (true identity, ethnicity, gender).

Ares84PS33079d ago

...can be pretty hard. For the few occasions I visited Home on Playstation whenever I've seen a girl avatar about 20 guys was around her asking here where is she from what she likes and all kinds of crap.

I wouldn't wanna be a girl in the video gaming world.

Lombax3078d ago

Me and a friend were trying to figure out how to fly the planes in the Red Bull space when Home first launched. We tried asking a bunch of people what we were supposed to do to be able to fly 'em, but no one would say anything. Then my friend was like, "Watch this" and chainged to a female avatar and BOOM! Suddenly everyone wanted to help.

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