Study: iPad a Kindle Killer, Not a DS/PSP Killer

Ex: Nintendo has insisted that Apple's iPad poses no threat to their dominance in the handheld gaming market. Sony has gone on record repeatedly, urging Apple to bring it on. In fact, Sony's John Koller was quoted as saying: "When people want a deeper, richer console, they start playing on a PSP."

Still, the cult of Apple repeatedly hail the iPad as the Ultimate Gaming Device. Fanboys, meet facts: Resolve Market Research recently wrapped up a comprehensive study showing how the iPad is really being used on a day to day basis.

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CrAppleton3080d ago

Makes sense. iPad isn't exactly the most portable of gaming devices

Queasy3080d ago

And yet Nintendo sees Apple as their main competition now and not Sony...

CrAppleton3080d ago

Well.. the PSPgo did kinda become the PSPFAIL

shadowdancer3080d ago

At least Sony had the balls to try it, I give them credit for that

Queasy3080d ago

Doing something stupid like the PSPgo isn't ballsy IMHO. People pointed out the problems with the handheld immediately when it was announced.

Ju3080d ago

For me it isn't. I got what I wanted.

If you expected a next generation PSP, well, OK, then you can be disappointed. But the PSPGo was never meant to be that. It is just an additional model for people who want a choice. Like people buy different Android phones for different reasons.

raztad3080d ago

I think the main reason for PSPGo fail was its price not its features or lack thereof.

It's kinda funny how Sony is not droping the Go price as of yet. They probably have something in mind for the little machine. I would get one if I had no PSP already. Sweet and portable.

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TimeSkipLuffy3080d ago

yeah, probably more because of the iphone ^^

Colonel-Killzone3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Thats weird I thought Nintendo Said they are not concerned with apple. And it wouldn't affect them at all.

smartmart3080d ago

After a first week with the ipad, i can say that while the screen quality and mulitouch are really really good, it won't replace a psp/ds for serious portable gaming. You don't get the feeling that it is a gaming device, but more a "do anything" one. Sure , it will add more gaming on the timer at the end of a week, because I carry it everywhere, but only during time i would not normally pull-out my ds/psp. IMHO, it just contribute to expand the gaming possibility and that is quite fun.

Ju3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Agreed. I also do not think it is a Kindle (eDoc reader) replacement. It will cut into the market. But if you just want to read and keep you vision, the iPad is not the right device for you (display is too bright for 500 pages).

I like the idea, though. Especially because of the built in browser where you can search for additional information.

It still is too overpriced (as a mobile browser and document reader) and a crappy gaming device. $500 OK, for a pad which can actually do real 720p gaming would be OK. But the iPad is far off from that. Upgraded iphone games, that all you get.

Its a little bit of a Jack of all Trades. Does everything but nothing right. What it adds, though, is a high level of convenience.

viking805fan3080d ago

to be honest, a iPad is just a freaking huge iPod Touch nothing that special idk why people go crazy for these things, especially chicks. lol

Ju3080d ago

"Apple" ? Better than an annoying Orange, huh ? Especially because it doesn't play flash games...

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