Who Is Going To Go Next Gen First?

The Xbox 360 launched in 2005. The Wii and the PS3 hit in 2006. It's the middle of 2010. Shouldn't we be getting ready for new consoles?

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SupaGamer3052d ago

Should be Nintendo. A powerful HD Wii would be great, but with their sales numbers it may be a while.

Afreelunch3052d ago

That's kinda how I feel. Technically the Wii is a suped up gamecube, but at the same time, it's in a totally different universe. SO MANY PEOPLE have this thing! Why not ride the wave all the way back to the beach before you decide to swim out and make another?

I don't even want to think about a new PlayStation, I still need to catch up with the one I've already got. I haven't even played Red Dead Redemption yet!

stonecold13052d ago

the next xbox will be out next year and if kinect fails they have no 1st and 2 party studios for back up which could see the 720 by 2011 as m$ is the new sega like to get the console out early and stop supporting the 1 console like they did with xbox 1 nintendo may be towards the end of 2011 there console never go pass the 6 year span sony they will have 10 years with ps3 i think either m$ will come out with a new console first since they rush to get them out early

TheLeprachaun3052d ago

Next xbox might be announced next year but we won't see it released before 2012 at the earliest.

Dread3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

We will c

I think this gen will take longer than usual. I would not be surprised if next gen starts in 2012 maybe 2013

Since the Playstation 3 is technically marginally suerior than the 360, i think Ms will probably be first.

If Kenect takes off, which i doubt, it might take longer.

If I were Sony I would stay with the Playstation 3 for at least three more years. It seems that the system would be able to handle it.

Also, I am very happy with this gen, and would not mind playing games with the current graphics (both 360 and playstation3) for a few more years.

Bluemaster773052d ago

I think it'll be Microsoft it has worked out great for them this generation , Sony wont Dive back into the hemorrhage phase so soon , and nintendo their move is a tad bit difficult to forecast

Dread3052d ago

I agree

Sony should stay with the current system for a few more years. It still has legs and they have to make more money from it. If they do not profit, they might not have a reason to continue with the gaming division. I am not a fan of the Playstation3 but would hate it if Sony leaves the race. So i am all for Sony making lots of money (as well as MS and Nintendo).

raztad3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )


Worry not.

Sony has been profiting for a while on software side, and now it is profiting on the hardware front. PS3 sales are all time high and with GT5 so close they will skyrocket beyond expectations, just in time for Holidays.

I could go on but I dont want to spoil you with predictions. And yes the PS3 will be here some more years, it is just getting warmed up.

theonlylolking3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Apparently playstation is last to come out(says sony).

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