Ghost Recon: Future Soldier could get PlayStation Move/Kinect support

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's International Product Manager Aziz Khater has told GamerZines that Ubisoft is "trying" to get support for PlayStation Move and Kinect featured in the game, and that they already have it up and running in 3D.

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zootang2815d ago

I can see move support. Not so much Kinect support. It (kinect) has already been dropped on 2 games R.U.S.E and Prostroke Golf which the move supports.

himdeel2814d ago

...just as long as they don't delay the games release date. Otherwise options are nice to have.

Folezicle2814d ago

Developers have to think of something new.. Instead of doing something already done..

However I really would rather just play the game with no motion control

HolyOrangeCows2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Is that why Kinect's lineup is all fitness games, a Nintendogs rip off, and a Wii Sports rip off?

fooltheman2814d ago

And developers aren't willingly to build a whole new game just for kinect too..

renegade2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Move may support it. But I not think would kinect it need some sort of controller for it to move and fire,move will have the edge in this.

Bluemaster772814d ago

O for the love of Gaming now motion controls are spreading to this . I would rather them focus dev time on something more important like Polish

Downtown boogey2814d ago

Why should the people of Poland get any privileges?

Bluemaster772814d ago

lol my bad i meant polishing the game

BeaArthur2814d ago

Just give me a controller.

NYC_Gamer2814d ago

i really hope ubisoft can bring this series back to its prime

Snakefist302814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I know hw to use the move controller.BUT KINECT!!!! How??


Thanks for the info guys.

BeaArthur2814d ago

Maybe for the main menu or interface screens or something. I don't see how it could be a significant part of the gameplay.

asyouburn2814d ago

play the game regularly using 360 pad while using video capture. then, you play back the recorded gameplay while mimicking the movements onscreen, or at least this is how msoft does it

Downtown boogey2814d ago

They could just have the left hand using the controller and right hand doing the aforementioned "pew pew pewing"

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