Gaming's Biggest Maps

TGH Writes:
"These days, linear is for losers. Developers are turning their attentions to crafting free roam environments of immense size and beauty. These creations range from fantasy worlds filled with sorcerers and swordsman, to sun-baked prairies teeming with coyotes and cowboys. Some of them are vast wildernesses where a man can roam for miles and never see another soul, while some are considerably smaller in size and heaving with life. Then there’s the really big ones. Getting lost in these beasts may result in your in-game avatar being declared MIA and his virtual wife and kids holding a candlelight vigil. Here we are going to count down the games that boast the biggest maps, some of the results may surprise you. "

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SonySoldiers3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

a.k.a Blu-Ray says "Haiii..over here!"

WhittO3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Guild Wars has a huge & detailed map with ALOT of different Landmarks/features in the different areas (Snow/Jungle/desert etc) not just the entire map being a desert or consisting of the same thing repeated over and over or something lol.

Thats not including the other lands of Nightfall or Eye of the North (which essentially almost doubles the size of the original map.

g0green3081d ago

dont reply if unrelated to previous comment!

FordGTGuy3081d ago

Were both single discs on Xbox 360. TDU was even on PSP and PS2.......

karan86243081d ago

But when you get into higher quality HD shit, DVD just wont cut it

UnSelf3081d ago

where the hell is Superman Returns map

2nd biggest map i ever played

FordGTGuy3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

rebuy that game if I found it for a dollar.

TehGamersHub3082d ago

Amazing list dude, Just Cause 2 was huge and very detailed so it well deserves its place.

troll3081d ago

Yeah, I bought Just Cause 2 recently and was absolutely delighted when I discovered that the map not only was huge but handled different climates really well. That engine is truly impressive if we disregard the lack of indoor environments. Hopefully we'll see some licensing and other games based on that engine.

Raf1k13081d ago

The problem with JC2 map is there's lots of space where there's nothing to do. Compare that to a map like that in WoW which is much smaller but has absolutely crap loads of quests to get through. Bigger maps are impressive but not so much when lots of that map space isn't used much.

troll3081d ago

Sorry but that just not how I see it. I like some elbow space or just random exploring. Since it's so easy to transport yourself around the map it's not really a big deal.

The problem with JC2 is not that there's nothing to do but that there's so little variation: Collect boxes, blow stuff up, move on.

But it is not so much the game as the engine that's impressive.

Jacobite3082d ago

Joint Ops has large maps great fun with packed servers

SuperStrokey11233081d ago

Nightfall isnt even close to that big... i played GW for 3 years and i was reading in the forums one time and a person actually calculated the size of the whole of tyria and each continent and it was far smaller than that.

Also what about things like EVE and Sins of a Solar Empire?

snaileri3081d ago

they forgot to play some flight simulators on PC.

TehGamersHub3081d ago

That is a good point! Flight Simulator X was very impressive.

ShadyDevil3081d ago

Flight Sims? Who Cares. End.

renegade3081d ago

I agree i have fsx is fun i flight from new york to london thats lots of miles Fsx have all the planet.

karan86243081d ago

I got Flight Sim X, and the maps are just GIANT

However, they hardly have any detail

1. Unless you're right by a MAJOR city
2. You spend most of the time too high ip to see anything anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.