Top Five Toughest Video Game Tracks of All Time

Operation Sports ranks the top five toughest racing car tracks to ever show up in a video game.

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Nike3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Lol. Once you master that shortcut on Rainbow Road (at least in Mario Kart 64), the track becomes a piece of cake - even if it's still way too long. On the Super Nintendo though? God, it was a bitch.

Still, good article idea. I say 'idea' because I haven't really played any of the other tracks (could some one else comment on Nurburing and the GT4 track?), but it's good to see more hardcore focussed articles like this one.

Joule3054d ago


NoBias3053d ago

WipeOut should have many tracks on this list though. MANY.

pustulio3053d ago

Lol rainbow road is so easy.

Myze3053d ago


I would second that about WipeOut. Taken from all the games, the list could be 1-5 all WipeOut tracks.

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Davoh3053d ago

I've never needed to take the shortcut, most of the people I raced against often kept falling off the track leaving me able to win easily, it's not that hard to stay on the track.

bmb51503053d ago

Not surprised Nordeschleife/Nurburgring got on their. To me it's a lot of fun and kind of easy, but I've done probably over a hundred laps if not much more around that place. To be good their, you need to know the track inside and out not to mention it's in the neighborhood of 14 miles in length. But I did have fun in the IA license in GT4 and went around "The Green Hell" in my 3rd try and only 10 sec off from gold.

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wicko3053d ago

There's some tough tracks in wipeout as well, can't remember their names though. The last track in the first Wipeout was a bitch to complete.

PSboy3053d ago

All the memories of me being annoyed at the Rainbow Road track when i was 5 :)

RedPawn3053d ago

Heaven or Hell track on Jet Moto.

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The story is too old to be commented.