Finally, New MediEvil Title Incoming

MediEvil, you’ve been dreaming of another game in the beloved franchise forever right. Apparently your dreams are about to become reality.

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Stinkinmushroom3078d ago

if it comes i think it's gonna be a psp title actually (and yes i read the article)

Coffin873079d ago

already praying they don't spoil this AWESOME childhood franchise with a mediocre 60% metascore game ...

Tony-A3078d ago

The more I see how the PS3 is progressing, the more it reminds me of the PSOne, which is awesome.

Warhawk, MediEvil, Ape Escape, MGS (especially Shadow Moses), going from one rumble-less controller to a DualShock and the list goes on.

The resemblance is uncanny. haha

garos823079d ago

it will be great to play with dan fortescue(spelling?) again! loved the first two but damn that means more games for my seriously depleted wallet to worry about :(

Chewy1023079d ago

He earned the right to be called Sir. Don't forget it or he'll tip off his arm and beat you with it!

morganfell3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Hell yes. I have the original the PSP Resurrection version. Can't wait to see what Sony Cambridge brings to the table.

mastiffchild3078d ago

Indeed, Morgs, I've been waiting for Cambridge to be given free reign on a proper product again and bringing back one of PS greatest franchises, hopefully, to a home console would be amazing.

I really hope this won't be a PSP game as a true HD MediEvil would be great if done right and I can only see it being perfect if SC do the leg work for it. Just the kind of quirky, english title we see too few of in this day and age of cookie cutter characters. Bring it the eff on and do it pronto.

And, naturally, announce SF5 already!

HolyOrangeCows3079d ago

Was just thinking about this yesterday, actually.

"Where's our PS3 MediEvil?"

Spenok3078d ago

Lmao great picture. My thoughts exactly. I really hope its a PS3 release.

GodHandDee3078d ago

LOL good one

and yea GC in a few months gonna be awesome :D

MagicAccent3078d ago

A jaw dropping announcement to say the least.
Err, yeah...

But seriously, it's been too long since I beat the hell out of Zarok with Sir Dan's trusty bomerang arm. So this is great news :)

Brewski0073078d ago

Probably gonna end up on PSN instead of being a full fledged game i think. Which would suck.

Jaces3078d ago

I downloaded the first on my psp awhile ago but never found the time to play it, hope to experience what I never got to all those years ago...Army men was my dope. ;D

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Unbiased13079d ago

i wonder if it is going to be PSN game or full blown big budget and in that case, will it sell?

Cobex3079d ago

I hope so. Im gonna back this all the way.

yoshiro3079d ago

i dont want just a remake...please make a new medievil

Unbiased13079d ago

i am afraid that it is going to be some MOVE based game...did you guys see that Ape Escape video? sure it was just 5 sec, but it looked like Wii/Move(motion) game. I am afraid they are going to do same here.

Coffin873079d ago

The PSP MediEvil was basically a remake of the original with some new stuff.
These days one can't be sure about anything, but I really don't think they will recycle this again.
Maybe they make a remake of the 2nd though lol.

Prcko3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

OMG OMG OMG this is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i so love sony,they ressurecting alll best games from ps1.

BYE3079d ago

Except Syphon Filter :(

mastiffchild3078d ago

But it IS coming. Trust me. By around Xmas(if not before at Cologne) we will see SF5 announced for PS3-I can't believe they haven't outed it officially already if I'm honest as SO many people have told me it's in development now that it isn't funny but merely frustrating!

Anyway, a double PS3 whammy of Medi and SF would cheer this old PS gamer(the one who lives in my heart next door to the C64 fanboy who often rents his house out to a close psychotic Megadrive fantard)up no end.

Ether3079d ago


I have fond, fond memories of playing Medievil on the PS1 and on the PSP. This is great news!

Hopefully it's a full retail game, and not one made for PSN.