EFF and Others Criticise Blizzard's Real ID

Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) Eva Galperin criticises the way Blizzard will force players to post with their real name on their boards for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, World of WarCraft and Diablo III.

And she is not alone...

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Chazmers3000d ago

this really has been a big cockup for Blizzard hasn't it

Leord3000d ago

We'll see. I wonder if this thing even CAN pass over...

Montrealien3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

the idea of REALID is to have close friends you know more personally on your list, not every wazzou you meet in wow. It is a pretty simple concept.

edit: I get it, I am seing this strictly from the perspetive of a wow player, if it is forced in SC2, that is a little messed up, but I dont care much really.

Djorgo3000d ago

Well, considering they have this massive Microsoft ad deal for, without people hitting it up, would not M$ get pissed off?

I mean, this will surely bring people away from

Dread3000d ago

You guys have to bring MS into

So now this is MS fault becasue somhow they have a deal with Blizzard.

why dont you go fix your tin hat

BYE3000d ago

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Terrice3000d ago

You know, I'm not seeing a lot of support for Real IDs.

SCFreelancer3000d ago

Did you see any at all (serious that is), other then through official Blizzard statements?

Terrice3000d ago

Now that you mention it: no, lol

Montrealien3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Well, I enjoy it, but then again, I am just one person. Millions play wow, and the people that actually comes and bitch and complain on forums and websites represent what? 10k people, at most.

edit: once again, I am seing this from the perspective of a wow player. real ID works since is is not forced. YOu should be avle to add avatars, and realID seperatly.

SCFreelancer3000d ago

I do hope they will reconsider and change this functionality a bit so that it is no longer forced. Seeing how realid could also have massive (potential) marketing benefits I doubt they will do so though :( The future will tell us if that was wise (I think not).

Terrice3000d ago

I think, judging from the negative feedback that happened with removing the identifiers, then Blizzard might again have to do something to calm the crowd.

Djorgo3000d ago

EFF must be like the most agreeable organization on the internet, unless you're a massive CEO wanting to squeeze money out of people's privacy...

Hello Kotick!

Leord3000d ago

Hello Bobby Kotick it is... :(

Porco3000d ago

If only EFF had real powers :(

Maticus3000d ago

I also hope Blizz will re-think this decision. The updated in-game friends list which shows your friends real names is different - you choose who gets to see that.

Djorgo3000d ago

For true! I mean that's something only select people see.

Chiz, this is scanned out!

Djorgo3000d ago

You better believe it, scanmaster! ;)

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