Killzone 3 – Qore Preview

First, the action of Killzone 3. The game’s only in a pre-Alpha state and already looks fantastic

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Cloudberry3078d ago

Thanks for the video.

Watching it right now.

Al Bundy3078d ago

Another new graphics king for the PS3.

karan86243078d ago

We already knew the graphics would be sick
If theres one thing Im exited for, its that they're adding so much variety

I REALLY want to see the online now

Big Frank3078d ago

Ppphh, looks just aiight compared to what my alienware can do.

EXID3078d ago

you mean your overpriced gaming computer that's really only worth $600, but you payed $2000+ for? no thanks, i'll pay around $300 and get kz3 instead.

tinybigman3078d ago

always jump in with i have better games looking better on my PC? not everyone likes to game on a PC, i pretty much can't stand gaming on a PC.

karan86243078d ago

Wow, dont diss consoles if you cant even do PC gaming right.
Top-of-the-line PC's are expensive (built mine for 2000) but you paid an extra 500 for a brand name, dipshit

mrcash3078d ago

there's not too many pc exclusives that really take advantage of pc hardware now adays. Most pc games look like slightly enhanced versions of the consoles counterparts even when they are maxed out.

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BeaArthur3078d ago

Can't wait to see what they do with the MP this time around. Hopefully they'll add more guns.

guitarded773078d ago

Yeah, they're talking about new game modes for online too. I just want to be able to map out my controller for personal preference.

pixelsword3078d ago

NOT just new game modes, the ability to create your own game mode!

spandexxking3078d ago

hopefully the assualt class wont get the WASP!

milf_sex3078d ago

They can have the Wasp, The rocket launcher and the grenade launcher in MP as long as they are pick ups, and you can't spawn with them.

mrcash3078d ago

What annoys me, is that soo many people preach that this is the best online fps, but not many actually play it. I did'nt like the campaign for kz2 but the online is awesome i just wish more people played it, thats the only thing that keeps me from going back to it.

Colonel-Killzone3078d ago

Because they can't handle the online so they play Call of duty everyday instead.

telekineticmantis3078d ago

When I go on there, there's alot of people playing. There's alot of full 32 player rooms, you sure your not talking about killzone 1. It is one of the best multiplayer games out if you like the competition you get from 32 players and consecutive game modes. It's just more competitive then the other games, that's why I like it.

Jac5al3078d ago

I can see KZ3 going MLG. It's the one game that i think that could compete against a game like Halo, MLG wise.

mrcash3078d ago

There are rooms available, it's not completely desserted, but from my time with it, i only find a few rooms available to play.

D4RkNIKON3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I play it all the time. Add me, you will see. - D4RkNIKON

trounbyfire3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

i play KZ2 everday and never see the same people. there are many people that still play and if you want open up to worldwide because EU players play on the new maps and US play on academy

i like smaller maps because it seem more like a battle instead of a skirmish. even if you do your own thing it still feels like the sh!t is going down with the great audio from the guns that never stops which is why i love it.

Cod and BC2 its like you run and get kills but its feels way more solo even in team deathmatch but in KZ2 even in body count you feel surrounded by a battle not a skirmish like cod and bc2

pixelsword3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

"there are many people that still play and if you want open up to worldwide because EU players play on the new maps and US play on academy"

Now THAT'S the truth!

439 US servers ALL playing Radec Academy. lol

But to be honest, it's all because people are trying to get that darn handgun upgrade.

Everyone who can, play killzone 1 and Liberation, or watch a walkthrough; you won't regret it. The story is much better than K2 and you'll get some insight on the Helgans and Characters you might see in Killzone 3 (Luger, Rico, Hakka, Cpl. Billinghurst [he's in Killzone 1 and 2, and Killzone 1 fans are pushing for him to be a playable character in Killzone 3 in the stead of Garza]).

Mr Tretton3078d ago

how many people do you need to play online for you to play it? There are always more than enough people to play a game with.

Millions of people playing a game online doesn't make it better. Also considering most of those millions will be noobs. KZ2 players are usually somewhat skilled.

raztad3078d ago

I have to agree with this guy.

bjornbear3078d ago

sometimes the best rooms are FULL with 32 players o.O

its a pain in the ass =P i want full game modes on beach head and its ALWAYS FULL X3

kneon3078d ago

Actually one of best aspects of KZ2 online is that most of the noobs left long ago. I think you can find most of them over on the MW2 servers :)

redsquad3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

There are plenty of instances where I have trouble getting INTO rooms because they're full.

theonlylolking3078d ago

It is not the best online FPS but its the best overall FPS.

When I mean over all I am talking about sound quality, graphics, story, online, features, and what other games in its genre didnt do that this game did.

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Jac5al3078d ago

KZ2 is one of the best competitive online shooters to date. The in game clan system has never been seen b4 (except Socom). Clan matches were very fun and competitive. To me KZ2 lacked depth. There wasn't enough ranks, weapons, game modes and etc to keep me interested long enough. But overall KZ Multiplayer is one of the best experiences to date. I miss KZ2.... Looking forward to KZ3! Hopefully their is more variety this time around. Ex. More weapons, Vehicles, Better maps, Better clan system, party system, and etc.

Jsynn73078d ago

I'm interested to see this "jungle". I'm wondering if you be fight Helgans and the local wild life. I'm pretty hype about this game. I was an KZ2 MP addict for a bit. Maybe I should fall off the wagon and get back into the mix.

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