Final Fantasy XIV Beta starts tomorrow

The Final Fantasy XIV beta is finally here! Those who have active beta accounts will be able to hop into the latest Final Fantasy MMO starting tomorrow, July 10...

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blasian2934d ago

For all you beta testers out there if you accidentally record your gameplay and slap it on youtube I understand... mistakes happen

SeanRL2934d ago

Yesssssssss, what he said

JonnyBigBoss2934d ago

Haha that's pretty funny. ;)

I know it's against the NDA but 2 months until release and so little footage. I want moar!

Spenok2933d ago

Of course if you happen to post said footage on N4G to watch said greatness, we would also understand that 2 wrongs make a right :D

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Graey2934d ago

Damn...I really wanted to beta this game.

JonnyBigBoss2934d ago

I want in so bad... I still need to decide on what to play. Lalafell or Hyur? Conjurer or Gladiator? AHHH!

JAMurida2934d ago

Too bad it's not the PS3 beta as well... Oh well, thank god for Youtube leaks.

Marceles2934d ago

*checks email for beta invite....refresh......refresh refresh.....sad face, closes email*

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