Ubisoft: There Will Be a 3DTV in Every Home in 3 Years

Ubisoft believes 3D TV penetration will be optimum within three years.

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wiggles3080d ago

That's a pretty bold statement...I can't wait to see how fast you eat those words... 3 years would be if we could find a 3DTV in a vending machine....5 years is even a stretch for EVERYONE to have

piroh3080d ago

Warner, Sony Pictures and other movie companies will support this just like Blu-Ray
plus PS3 and next-gen consoles support will make 3D popular

let's wait and see

inveni03080d ago

Hehe..."penetration" ...

On a serious note, every home that has a HDTV now will have a 3DTV in 3 years. It sounds like a short time, but just think back to 3 years ago. 3 years ago, there were hardly any PS3s in homes. Now there are like 60 million. No one needs a PS3. Until just a few months ago, they were really expensive. But it happened.

nickjkl3080d ago

iven difference is

3 years ago everyone that ad a sdtv had it for like 7 years

OSU_Gamer3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )


PS3's were not as expensive as 3DTVs. Not to mention the glasses if they are still required in 3 years. Also, for the people without a PS3, you need a 3D BluRay player.

Ju3080d ago

"3 years ago everyone that ad a sdtv had it for like 7 years"

And maybe 70% of those still have.

Maybe only a minority who have HDTVs will adopt to 3D; but the majority who hasn't upgraded to HDTVs will go with 3D right away, skipping the HDTV upgrade wave.

Funny, most people with an HDTV are also impressed with 3D, maybe more so than the ones still having an SDTV. Simply because those are usually on the edge of new tech more than the rest.

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jjohan353080d ago

Not until the industry sets standards on 3D technology. Right now everyone has proprietary technology which makes it expensive for consumers.

tplarkin73080d ago

Unless they figure out how to make our current TVs "3D", it won't happen. 3D with glasses will never go beyond 10 percent of homes.

kneon3080d ago

It will go well beyond 10%, but not as fast as Ubisoft think. I expect by the end of next year it will be hard to buy a tv over 32 inches that isn't 3D ready. You just won't necessarily get the glasses bundled with every TV. But once you have the TV many people will eventually go out and buy the glasses.

The prices of TVs continues to drop at a very fast rate. The main reason 3D Tv are so expensive right now is that they are only putting it in higher end TVs, and because they can charge that much and still sell to the early adopters. Those higher end TV will soon become the mainstream TVs. And by soon I mean this time next year.

Ju3080d ago

I would even think, those 3DTVs don't cost them more to make than a regular TV. In contrast to glass less TV, the panel is just a standard panel with high frequency refresh rate and custom electronics (sync to glasses and new HDMI standard to alternate frames). It will be cheap like regular TVs as soon as 240Hz will become mainstream. - It'll shift the costs into glasses. This is true.

That's also why I wouldn't expect glass less 3D hitting the mainstream any time soon. This requires a complete new panel and basically the glasses cost embedded within the TV. And those TVs work differently in 2D, basically wasting all that fancy additional tech on 3D, while current one simply improve the quality of 2D content.

evrfighter3080d ago

10% was exactly what I was thinking before I scrolled down to your comment.

BeaArthur3080d ago

That's one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in a while. There are still plenty of homes without and HDTV.

kneon3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Yes but when they do eventually upgrade they will have no choice but to get an HDTV. Just try and buy an SDTV, you're lucky if you can find more than one or two to choose from and they won't be any bigger than 26".

It will soon be the same situation with 3D, it will become hard to find a TV that doesn't support 3D, so if you are buying a TV you'll be getting 3D whether you want it or not.

And HDTV penetration in the US is now over 65% so anyone still without at least one HDTV is in the minority. That means SD content will rapidly start to fade away in favor of widescreen HD content. That will help push even higher HD adoption.


BeaArthur3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Maybe, but it won't be in 3 years. I bet that 3D TV's won't have completely replaced HDTV's in 3 years.

Yeah, but that's after HDTV's have been out for half a decade. With only 65% after that amount of time, anyone who thinks 3D TV's are going to be in every home within 3 years is delusional.

kneon3080d ago

3D likely will almost completely take over new HDTV sales within a few years. Only the very cheapest TVs won't support it. But there will still be millions of non-3D TVs out there, that will take at least a decade to overcome. But the important thing to watch out for is the percentage of homes that have at least one 3D TV. Once the TVs are out there in quantity then you just need good content to get people motivated to go out and buy the glasses.

BeaArthur3080d ago

We'll have to wait and see. I personally have no interest in wearing the glasses and although Avatar was cool in 3D, every other 3D movie I've seen just relied on cheap tricks and didn't enhance the experience. Until there is a good amount of support (true 3D movies and TV stations) and until I can watch without the glasses I won't be going out of my way to buy one. If all the HDTV's are gone and only HD3D TV's remain then so be it but until that day I won't be buying a 3D TV.

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pramath16053080d ago

60 million PS3's? PS3's total worldwide sales are at 35 million :s

k-Lan3080d ago

Ubisoft couldn't be more wrong. Most people i know (besides gamers) don't even have a HDTV yet because they say they're still too expensive. I for one will not be changing my HDTV for quite some time. Why the hell would i go out and spend another thousand or two on ANOTHER tv so soon? I'll pass unless i see something that blows my mind, which is highly unlikely. Until the glasses are gone i wouldn't even consider upgrading anyway's.

Christopher3080d ago

I can't see in 3D due to being legally blind in one eye.

That's -1 household for ya, Ubi.

ABizzel13079d ago

There won't be a 3DTV in every house in 10 years let alone 3. The attachment rate may be at 20% or more in 3 years. But first make 3DTV's without the need for glasses affordable and then everyone will be happy. Glasses aren't bad since if you go to see a 3D movie what do you use?, but no glasses would be better.

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Omega43080d ago

Very doubtful, there aren't even HDTVs in every home and they released more than 5 years ago. 3DTV will only be in everyones homes when 3D without glasses TVs are as cheap as 2D HDTVs

sikbeta3080d ago

"there aren't even HDTVs in every home"

That's the point dude, Electronic Manufacturers can fully Support 3DTVS, when prices go down and "adapt", at the same time HDTVs will cost even less to get rid of them and after that there will be no other choice than 3DTVS, pretty much what happened with HDTVs and SDTVs in the last few years...

asyouburn3080d ago

buying 3d tv's i the future, its more of "the new tv i just bought has 3d support! i had no idea!" realisitcally all you need is 120hz, right? so each eye can run at 60.

Wizziokid3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

In a lot of homes maybe but not every, not even close.

GiggMan3080d ago

Definitely not in every home, but that's more than enough time for it to be in my home. :)

gameseveryday3080d ago

Thats what people said when Blu Ray was first released.

pramath16053080d ago

True, but I highly doubt 3DTV's, which cost in the thouands, and need 3D glasses, which are at the very leasst $150 apiece, and arent even cross compatible across different manufacturers, and which in general face a lot of barriers to popular adoption (some people cant even see 3D), will ever REALLY make it big. At least, not unless glassless 3D technology becomes popular.

inveni03080d ago

Glasses are NOT $150 each. Jeez. Go to Best Buy.

kneon3080d ago

no, they are $149.99

But they shouldn't cost that much, there have been companies selling such glasses for as little as $30 for a couple years now. if only we had a universal standard for the signaling to the glasses then the price would plummet since you could buy the glasses made by anyone, not just your TV manufacturer.

va_bank3080d ago

Best buy also sells HDMI cables for $100+, so what. There will be plenty of cheap 3D glasses if this thing takes off. I didn't believe it at first, but with every manufacturer, movie company and game developers cramming this down our throats, we may not have much choice in the future.

Ju3080d ago

I think it will be faster than BluRay.

Remember when we (they ?) argued that BD is just a minor upgrade to (upscaled) DVD ? Well, nobody will argue 3D looks like current DVD or BD content. The effect is just nothing to compare with. There will be no arguing. As soon as you see it, you would want to have it.

Even though, currently, the price is a barrier. If you can have a cristal clear 2D image and get 3D for free, why wouldn't you take it ?

TheLeprachaun3080d ago

If manufacturers can get rid of those damn glasses for a decent price! Even then, not 'every' home will have one.

k-Lan3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

They're gonna had to get rid of the glasses completely if they want my money. I'll take an OLED tv instead. ;)