Resolution: Space Quest V Retrospective

Resolution's Steve K Peacock writes: Like a sports team, your loyalty will only ever lie with either Star Trek or Star Wars. You can appreciate the other side, praise them on their successes even, but your heart will only ever belong to one. For me, Star Trek wins out over Star Wars, specifically The Next Generation. If that was what the final frontier was like, sign me up.

It was with this in mind that I first came to Space Quest V, the penultimate episode of Sierra’s hilarious – if somewhat punishing – adventure game series. The previous four games had been written and designed by a couple of gents called “The Two Guys From Andromeda” but, after years of collaboration the gents went their separate ways. Mark Crowe stayed on to design the sequel and – like Red Dwarf would do under similar circumstances – this led to a slight shift in the tone of the game.

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edwineverready3077d ago

like they did with monkey island for psn.

3077d ago
Chris_TC3077d ago

This was an awesome game. It shipped with some sort of magazine that contained all kinds of crazy stories. The magazine also contained galaxy coordinates needed in the game, but it took me days to figure that out.

3077d ago