R.U.S.E. Developer Explains Kinect Snub

In a NowGamer interview R.U.S.E. developer Eugen Systems has revealed it has no plans to include Kinect connectivity to the Xbox 360 version of the game, deeming it unsuitable for that type of game. However, senior producer Mathieu Girard stressed the decision is not based on technical limitations of Kinect.

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acere3084d ago

you cant is not practical..

otherZinc3084d ago

Is this supposed to be a game or big title? The devs at R.U.S.E. need to stfu.

rdgneoz33084d ago

Don't be butthurt because it isn't practical to have in the game. Also, R.U.S.E. is a World War II RTS game coming Sept 17th. Not every genre is practical for Kinect (shooters = ??). I'm still waiting to see what hardcore titles MS will be bringing.

p.s. "It "took just five weeks" to integrate PlayStation Move into R.U.S.E."

AK463083d ago

Are you seriously angry, he never said a bad thing about Kinect. I't's not a kinect type game so why get so angry?

ECM0NEY3084d ago

ill pay 150 to never hear about it again.

Folezicle3084d ago

I'll pay $150, if Microsoft actually did something innovative with Kinect

jsc249jobal3084d ago

I'd pay $350 (Arcade plus kinect) to have kinect actually use it's potential rather than some crappy casual market toy. Move looks awesome because it WORKS well with gaming, period.

garos823084d ago

"We also developed R.U.S.E. for multi-touch interfaces on PC, and when we discovered that PlayStation Move was coming, we were intrigued. I have to say that Move is very efficient, allowing you to play on your couch comfortably, using small gestures and point directly at units."

and there you have it folks, move seems to be capable of pushing many styles of core games. move seems to me to be what i was expecting from the wii.cant wait to give the move a go

ECM0NEY3084d ago

for real the Move will be so much better

RememberThe3573084d ago

I'm reluctant to get about the Move but at this point if I really get into motion controls it will be with the Move. The last time I played my Wii... I actually can't remember that last time I played it.

kancerkid3084d ago

Then why would you get glorified Wii controls?

krisprolls3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

@kancerkid : because they have the games which go with them unlike Wii ?

Socom, RE5, Heavy Rain, Ruse, Killzone and a lot more officially support Move, please show me where I can play those games on Wii and in HD.

jsc249jobal3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

is have what the Wii should have been for us gamers. 1:1 movement, voice recognition, camera integration and HD. Yes it will be expensive, especially for more than one player, but like all Sony things I have bought over the years, it will be heavily supported, durable and worth it.

White-Sharingan3084d ago

notice how he mentions couch? kinda funny considering kinect has problems in playing games while you're sitting down. Wonder if he also meant it like that lol

Spenok3083d ago

He probably did. Who would want to play an RTS standing up?

Apolloeye3084d ago

One nail in the coffin is hammered, where will the other 11 come from...

garos823084d ago

i thought that natal would be perfect for these types of games being utilized with a controller + voice commands and some simple gestures, but it seems that the developers themselves dont see this working..

this is a big blow to kinect

jsc249jobal3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

1st real hardcore game to not feature Kinect but heavily feature Move...ouch MS...ouch. Will that hardcore market that made you buy millions of these like they did your console, GoW 1 & 2, entire Halo franchise, fable, forza, etc

alan0013084d ago

just re-confirmed the fact that you cant play kinect games sitting down
""Kinect is more for interfaces where you are standing ""
while move can work sitting down or standinf up

Folezicle3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Sorry Alan001, i've looked on the net and you must of looked at an old article

Also with Move you have to buy the starter kit, and a second controller to play all games.. People forget in total the kinect and the move starter kit (and anothe controller) add up to the same. I give kudos to Sony in marketing, after the pricing at E3 I was thinking of getting only one controller, until I looked into the pricing more.

I hope to see more games like Child of Eden, because then I think i will go out and eet Kinect, but I will get neither at the moment

Sorry Garos82, I've ran out of "bubbles",

They chose games which require people to stand up as a marketing scheme for the families, who associate gaming with unhealthy lifestyles//

ThatCanadianguy420 is right when it comes to marketing kinect.

As for the 4 player issue, I don't see that a problem, we could happily play Guitar Hero with 2 guitars in the past, and the PS2 only had 2 controllers.. And how is that a pro that PS Move has 4 players, that comes down to 8 controllers, if you want to get the full couch multiplayer experience.. Now don't get me wrong I prefer the Move to the Kinect, yet I hate people who believe that a console is superior than the other, and that the other console gets everything wrong.. I would bash Kinect, if it wasn't so underrated, and judged from it's launch titles and people who haven't played it.. Honestly in the previews has anyone said anything is wrong with the software.. Maybe, but not repetitive issues.. The only complaints is the games they've played just aren't for them.

garos823084d ago

have any proof? i havent seen anyone come through and say " of course you can play kinect sitting down"

or anyone confirming 4 player kinect games at the same time.
not bashing or anything but i reckon the lack of info in these matters signals problems and broken promises

ThatCanadianGuy3084d ago

Kinect just wasn't made with hardcore games in mind.We will all see that in the months following it's release.

Folezicle3084d ago

I disagree, the real reason why the launch titles are all family orientated, is not that Kinect isn't suitable for hardcore games, it's because Microsoft want to widen their audience, they've tried it with releasing games like Viva Pinata in the past, yet it hasn't worked.. Once developers become better in make games utilizing Kinect, we will see some hardcore titles... I expect the hardcore titles to use both the controller and the kinect, than just the kinect itself. You also got to remember than the casual market have no issues with bugs or poor graphics, and not really have any story, therefore these games can be made in a shorter amount of time, since a lot less effort has to be made.. Finally the first game demoing Kinect was Milo by Lionhead (not sure if they played a big part inn making Kinect), and Peter Molyneux (who does have a loud mouth) has stated Milo is aimed at the serious gamer market, we haven't seen all the features in the game so I guess all we can do is speculate.


There obvious has been plans/contracts already signed.. Two hardcore games already confirmed are Forza 4 and Fable 3

the-show-stopper3084d ago

didnt you hear that fable 3 is dropping all kinect support

plus they havent even announced forza 4 so unless you work at turn 10 how would you know wats in it
and if r going to refer to that forza showing at e3 this year, it was just a tech demo, nothing special about it

asyouburn3084d ago

has whats called "highway battle" for kinect, but you cant even control gas or brake, just steering. sounds way hardcore to me. . .

garos823084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

however bubbles up for mature response. i am not convinced that kinect has enough to cater to the "hardcore" crowd. i could be proven wrong in the near future, but i seriously doubt it.

also from the "joystiq" article you sent me
As for previously revealed Kinect applications that are being developed with a seated user in mind, Microsoft pointed to navigating the Dashboard, along with using the ESPN, Zune and Video Kinect apps as "experiences where we expect people to be sitting."

this doesnt prove to me that kinect is capable for gaming whilst sitting. sitting will be ok for these non- game functions. that being said i think that they can apply some features of kinect in gaming whilst sitting (voice commands) however its the lack of anything using these features that bothers me. just looking back at last years e3 natal reveal videos and then checking out this years kinect showing there is HUGE difference for the worst

anyways the future will tell

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