Please, please don't give us a PS4, PS5 or PS6

TechEye: What the heck's wrong with the current generation of consoles? They cater to pretty much all tastes. There's easy as pie online gaming, stunning HD visuals on the right telly for it, the PS3 is 3D capable and both Microsoft and Sony are gunning for a slice of Nintendo's motion sensor market pie with Kinect and Move respectively

But Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has said in an interview that yeah, there will be a next gen and it'll be from Sony's rivals first. Hang on a tick - the gaming world+dog are all going, ahem, barking mad for all the motion stuff and add-ons set to come out

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TheLeprachaun3055d ago

Oh yeh let's halt technological advancement because there's 'nothing wrong' with what we have now. What a ridiculous thing to say. Of course we want next gen consoles. Not right now of course, but in 2-3 years I'd be disgusted if there's nothing new on the market. No one wants 7-8 year old tech.

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N4GAddict3054d ago

I'm fine with a new system as long as it is reasonably priced.

Shang-Long3054d ago

truth be told i dont see why the ps3 couldnt last longer. its life feels so young
the only concerns would be being late to the market, or development issues.

but for the ps4. sony doesn't really have to worry about development of games since they said the ps4 will be developer friendly.

and only the media would downplay being late to the next gen by playin numbers but thats not a big problem right?

ConanOBrien3054d ago

The PS3 is getting old and older every single day...Sony can't wait for PS4, but many fanboys can.

PS4 will be more 3D capable, powerful and have a better future investment. Ask SONY ;)

Btw, thank you for purchasing the old PS3, your investment is Sony's gain.

ColdFire3054d ago

Console tech is OLD. I mean it's forcing devs to play with tiny amounts of RAM and such. Would be nice to see what they could do with all of the new stuff developed from PC hardware.

piroh3054d ago

[email protected]: consoles don't need big RAMs thanks to operating system, in the other hand Windows is very difficult OS thats why PC games needs 4GB RAM to work

look at PS2 that console has 32MB RAM and Shadow of the Colossus looks like modern PC game in SD

Chris_TC3054d ago

Every texture and every polygon consumes VRAM. 512 MB of combined RAM is very limiting no matter what. Framebuffers, texture resolution and geometry detail all suffer because of a lack of VRAM. It's simple math.

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Jaces3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

They're still pushing out great games, why the need to go PS4? PS3 is long capable to BE the "next next gen console".

And if they do push out a PS4....then they can forget about me buying one anytime soon.

Theonik3054d ago

Oh, but you know you will buy one. When they stop making games for PS3 and most good new games are PS4 exclusives then what?

Jaces3054d ago

"buying one anytime soon"

Key phrase there, when they DO stop making PS3 games THEN I'll buy the PS4. I'm not ready for another next gen system.


"if your tortured by the ps3 outgunning the 360 you can go down to the nearest bar and have a full release."

He's clearly not old enough to go to a bar.

Xfanboy3054d ago

I want PS4 now!! Once console games look better then PC will look better

(reduce the limitations a.s.a.p.)

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stonecold13055d ago

is a year older than ps3 maybe its time for m$ to launch a new console and stop holding multiplatforms games back on topic i hope we will see ps4 at least another 4 years i no 360 will not make it thought they will have a new console sooner maybe even at the e3 2011

N4GAddict3054d ago

I think they will hint at next generation at E3 2011.

Blaze9293054d ago

i don't see the need for a new generation of consoles anytime soon to be honest. dunno what it is about this gen (maybe the economy) but people really have a new opinion on the value of their dollar. I can't speak for everyone but as much as a gamer as I am, if new consoles were to come out 2011 or even 2012 I honestly don't think I'd care. Too soon in my books. If we can still keep getting good games then why does it matter - graphics aren't everything so whenever we reach the peak of the 360 and ps3 it doesn't mean we need to advance asap.

just my opinion though. Maybe I'm just getting tired of gaming period...dunno. But as it is not, i have no interested in a PS4 or Xbox 'Next' anytime soon. I don't even care about PSP2 if that were to get released.

ActionBastard3054d ago

I agree. I'm having a blast with my PS3, Wii and 360. I can wait a tad longer for the next gen to begin.

ChronoJoe3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )


Let's just make sure the PS3 has bc comp this time. If trophies carry over to next gen, which presumably they will. The only difference in getting a PS3 title over a PS4 title will be the technological level.

Sony always support the previous generation, for at least another 5 years into the next. So PS4s release won't prevent PS3 titles being released. Why complain?

I mean there are loads of gamers, who still just have a PS2. And that's fine.

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