Why You Shouldn’t Release A Broken Game

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"Well mainly to avoid a wise-ass like myself taking advantage of the situation and writing an article about it. Yesterday I received a mass-email from HighWater Group PR asking all websites to put a hold on their reviews for City Interactive’s latest stealth based FPS, Sniper: Ghost Warrior."

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fastrez3083d ago

Hmm...but what about devs who have no choice but to release a broken game? Devs that are pressured to strict, immovable deadlines, harsh budgets and annoying publisher intervention.

Some people just don't understand the reality how game development works. Unless you have an expendable budget, devs can't take forever making games like Blizzard can.

N4GAddict3082d ago

Nintendo can do this as well.

NecrumSlavery3082d ago

Lego Harry Potter has a game breaking glitch that cost me a 40% of the trophies. Without a patched I am screwed. Game goes from an 8.5 to a 3. You make a game, test it. Get it working right. Fallout 3 was lucky it survived, being good despite the 10,000 glitches and bugs. But to Tt and WB Games, thank for Lego HP, it's a broke game, and went from a great game to an udder disappointment.

Blaze9293082d ago

well said. pretty much nailed it. sucks for the gamers who don't connect their consoles online to receive updates though. So in events like this I think PR saying hold reviews for the patch is bullshit. They need to review the game as it is not how it will become for only those who can get the update.

Folezicle3082d ago

The rate comment which is actually considerate, and smart.

Inside_out3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

How can this happen??? I was really looking forward to this game. Someone needs to get fired for this. I thought the graphics looked great and after the great experience I had with Metro 2033, I thought the whole PC to 360 thing was finally getting better.

Here's a vid of Ghost warrior. I'll still rent it next week to get a peak. Hopefully they patch it by then. It's not English but the best quality I could find...check it out. This is the 360 version...looks great. The guy playing is using a sniper gun and shooting guys in the back and A$$...LMFAO...Rookie.

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Komega3083d ago

I look at it like this, I can't go to my job and give the customer a broken product. I would be fired. If a product isn't ready I'm forced to go to my boss and request more time. If that involves staying late, and going the extra mile then so be it. Why should game development be any different? Developers/Publishers are creating products for mass consumption, is it wrong to ask that those products be, at the very least, playable?

I do agree though that the Publisher does bear a large portion of the responsibility.

N4GAddict3082d ago

At least they could patch the games this generation.

BeOneWithTheGun3082d ago

I picked this up of Steam and man, it is buggy. I can't cross the threshold of the ground and the slight incline of a ramp leading to a hut while in CROUCH mode. Not, prone, but CROUCH! I have to stand, then of course am seen my that enemy 1,287 clicks away. Don't even get me started on being totally prone in MASSIVE shrubbery, in a ghillie suit and being shot at by enemies WAAAAAY off in the distance that had no way of seeing me.

This is why, as much as I hate waiting for GT5, I applaud the dev for keeping it in house so when it is released it is truly a finished product.

Beta in a box, lol, first time I have heard that saying and it's quite accurate.

ranmafandude3082d ago

but they still do lol.notice how pretty much the glitchest games this gen are all from the west and europe lol.

ChronoJoe3082d ago

Last gen was glitchier, gen before that - even more so.

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