Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Screenshot Blowout

Square Enix has released a huge selection of screenshots showcasing upcoming PSP RPG Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

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Spenok2631d ago

Looking very good. August cant come soon enough.

Chazmers2632d ago

cannot wait for this game especially as i've only just returned to my PSP

ECM0NEY2632d ago

Ive lost a lot of faith in SE this gen.

rezzah2632d ago

Just because of FF13 failure doesnt mean the team that works on the KIindom Hearts series will fail too. This game is too epic to fail anyways =p. With a deep story and awesome gameplay, Kingdom Hearts is too amazing to fail.

Dorjan2632d ago

Kingdom hearts is so meh

Colonel-Killzone2632d ago

This will sell like crazy when it hits North America

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