God of War statue from Sideshow Collectibles revealed

Ian Fisher writes: Earlier this week I once again began to wonder what happened to the Sideshow Collectibles God of War statue. Announced last year, the statue has been MIA with not even a development blog for it on the Sideshow site. One would’ve thought the statue would be released to coincide with God of War 3 but sadly we weren’t given an epic statue to go along with an epic game.

But now the Gods have smiled upon us as Sideshow Collectibles have released a new teaser video for the statue. Yeah, teaser videos for statues aren’t that exciting but the important thing is that the statue will be available to pre-order in the next week or so

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Quagmire3079d ago

epic is as epic does, kratos style

Hellsvacancy3079d ago

Stupid video, id rather of seen sum still images of it

rezzah3079d ago

Just stop the vid at the parts where it shows you the statue,you can easily see the detail. From what Ive seen, and hopefully you and the everyone else has seen, the detail of the swords and his body is great. If anyone is a collector and loves GOW, they should get this.

rezzah3079d ago

Not bad. but too bad im not that type of collector, I was going to get the limited edition (red) Cthulhu about a year ago, but then I changed my mind. Too much money, besides theres a lot of games to buy.

3078d ago