Kojima: "I am tired of taking care of people who do not have the passion"

GamerZines writes:

The acclaimed games designer behind the globally successful Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima, has today spoken out in regards to his thoughts on the current direction of the games industry.

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Quagmire2718d ago

There needs to be a greater passion for JRPGs. Severely lacking this gen.

rockleex2718d ago

With HD games that require huge amounts of budget.

So they opt for Wii, DS, and PSP games.

Last gen, they were the ones that loved pushing the boundaries of their games AND their budget.

JAMurida2717d ago


So I guess Polyphony Digital (people behind GT5) aren't pushing their game nor budget with GT5??? Then there are games like Demon's Souls, FFXIII Versus, hell, even FFXIII was a risk in itself being linear and going multiplat.

fatstarr2717d ago

I am glad they are leaving the good jrpgs to the wii psp and ds
it wouldnt get any notice on the ps3 or 360.
I already have a list of 2 jrpgs that i must buy for the wii.

Da One2717d ago

but those types of games have been done before, minus Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls and Valkryia Chronicles were the only 2 Japanese games that have come to the west and dared to change.

FFXIII is similar to FFX just horribly worse.

FFvsXIII is an action RPG just like all of Nomura's games(all action oriented from CC:FFVII, KH, TWEWY, Dissidia)

GT5......previous incarnation boatlod of new features

The problem isn't that Japanese devs aren't pushing the boundaries, it's a problem of market acceptance. The Japanese market simply does not like change(see DQIX). There's been plenty of changes in the gaming industry of Japan some good, some bad.

theKiller2717d ago

motivation is a key factor in many or most or everything!!

and managers/bosses who dont realize that should be kicked out of their jobs.

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ranmafandude2718d ago

I'm begging for more. I'm pretty much buying any jrpg that comes out on ps3 lol.the only one that satisfies me so far this gen is demon's souls.

Styile2718d ago

@ranmafandude Yo same here man lol. But I think Final Fantasy versus 13 will change that.

Aggesan2718d ago

You guys have to try out Valkyria Chronicles!

BulletToothtony2717d ago

love VC started playing it again last night :-)

Trey_4_life2717d ago

You realise all this lack of passion for JRPG's is down to microsft forcing the production of more westernised jrpg's on their console.

Final fantasy 13 would of been a masterpiece if it stayed PS3 exclusive, that is the honest truth of the matter, oh well still waiting for versus XIII.

The futures bright, the futures playstation.

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synce2718d ago ShowReplies(7)
The_Devil_Hunter2718d ago

Im not quiet a big RPG fan, but for some reason JRPGs have always cliked with me. I enjoy them but this generation, their hasnt been enough passion for those just look at Valkirya Chronicles, (did I spell that right), that game has got to be one the best PS3 titles out there and yet no one cares. WTF.

IdleLeeSiuLung2718d ago

Funny, that is how I view people in general. Lacking in motivation in doing anything in life and waiting for a hand out called socialism. Thank you Obama!

On topic, yeah JRPGs seems to have taken a hit as a genre when it comes to innovation or should I more accurately say evolution. Oddly enough, most if not all of this game genre is developed in Japan.

DaTruth2718d ago

If everyone was motivated to be doctors, who the Hell would pick up the garbage.

As much as you're blind to it, society is designed to keep a set amount of people down to do the dirty work! Must be nice to coast through school on daddy's money!

MysticStrummer2718d ago

I think you mean thank you Jesus, since he and the early Christians urged everyone to give all their possessions to the church to be redistributed to those who needed them. How did American conservatives ever get identified with Jesus anyway? They are clearly very Old Testament instead. Whoa... way off topic. Screw you Activision. ; )

Lich1202717d ago

Yup, Obama's the reason people are lazy. When bush was in office there wasn't a single lazy american... ever.

BBCnewsrocks2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Funny how most people who cry "Socialism!" don't even know what it means. Pretty much every single country in the world practices socialism to some degree.

If you actually believe that you are a true capitalist then don't ever f'ng complain when you feel that giant corporations are above the law and massive companies like BP f' up like they have, f'n hypocrites.

/didn't mean to rant, but ignorant people piss me off so bad.

mastiffchild2717d ago

Idle-you're just entirely wrong, then, and also have no understanding of what Socialism is on any level whatsoever. You think Obama is left wing in some way? Why? Just because he feels, fairly, that whatever the position of a family parents and children(most importantly) all deserve to be well and have the benefit of a modern health service?

With the money wasted on defence every year, on bloody pointless wars in Capitalism's name there's little excuse NOT to have decent free healthcare for everyone. In fact there's no excuse at all and very little I've seen can defend private education either-what has the child of a poor family done wrong to deserve a weaker education than another kid lucky enough to be born into money? Western Capitalism pretends its meritocratic to justify it's existence but it REALLY isn't a system that rewards people for trying as you can never break into the club that it's run for-the mega rich who have always owned 90% of everything and, while the system exists, always will no matter what crappy choices they make-cos we poor gits bail them out every time yet it's the working class who Idle feels are lazy! And like handouts! I didn't see the banks refusing when they held their hands out after making millions unemployed!

See, it's silly to say people WANT to be on benefit-they don't as the money is crap. People want to work and, trust me, since I became officially disabled my life has been crappy compared to when I was still able to pursue a good career-seriously, nobody bar the few feckless and few drug dealers who supplement their income with dole WANT to be on it. I'd give ANYTHING to be able to work again and find the insinuation that me and other poorly, and poor, people wait for a handout beyond offensive .Largely agree with Kon above me-most governments have some Socialist policies-but if that makes Obama a "Socialist" then lord help us all! He's as right wing as anyone in the Democrat party and the whole thing is just another shade of blue-nowhere near red.

A Socialist leader of the US! I've heard it all now! Not now and not ever-much the same as 99% of people will NEVER WANT to live on handouts. Socialism is still this amorphous bogey man in the US it seems but nobody wants to actually find out what it means.

OT-MGS4 still stands head and shoulders above every other game this generation on any platform but it's because, unlike their star men who keep doing great games-(Kamiya, Koj, Mikami, Miyamoto et al)some devs and directors are afraid to do the things Japanese games have always done well. They don't need wholesale westernisation as the west has that covered. We still love Japanese games as Bayonetta proves so make THEM and not pretend to be western, imho.

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MetalFreakMike2718d ago

I agree. JRPG's need to be made with a greater passion and also needs better support. It seems like Japan is getting lazy in the game development department and it is affecting their ability to release high selling games. They are trying to copy us over here instead of trying to push themselves and develop their own way of making newer games. Kojima is always trying to push the bar and come out with something different. Even with his Metal Gear games, he try's new things and shows there is still some passion left over in Japan.

Hitman07692718d ago

Talk about Off-Topic Quagmire.

Heisenberg2718d ago

And good for Kojima for speaking his mind, it's a relief to see there are still untainted, legitimately passionate and talented individuals like him that take pride in their craft. I'm glad he's so adamant about working with equally passionate and driven individuals, it gets me super excited for the incredible games to come. If it weren't for individuals like Kojima pushing the industry forward, the landscape would be a lot different.

Spenok2718d ago

Unfortunately you speak the truth. Though there have been some pretty good ones as well. I just wish there were more to choose from, like back in the PS1 days xD

II Necroplasm II2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Kojima has to understand.. he's a rare breed. It is what it is.

Bebedora2717d ago

Passionate people that wants to use gaming to express themselves is what I want. You will get your nobynoby and you will get your ICO and you will get your syndicate wars and so forth...this gaming world is just blatantly suxorsyoursuxxors

sensor212717d ago

PS3 has no cross game chat started at 600 bucks and is made by the japanese tell us something we dont know how is HOME doing by the way (chuckle)

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kingdavid2718d ago

You want Hideo to stop? NO thanks..

ShinMaster2718d ago

That's Korean, not Japanese.

skip2mylou2718d ago

@shingo Phantagram isnt doing the Kingdom Under Fire currently its all under a chinese company right now named blueside

skip2mylou2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

sorry thats not japan smart one its china

skip2mylou2718d ago

lol disagree all you want but phantagram aint making kingdom under fire 2. Blue Side which is chinese is making it

iHEARTboobs2718d ago

That game looks sick though.

Xfanboy2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

You guys take this jrpg stuff very serious don't you??

Folezicle2717d ago

Wow, you obviously haven't played Mario if you complain that Japanese don' make good games... Nor have you played half the nintendo or playstation games, since i reckon an American company can never create the worlds that the Japanese make, or even put effort into it.. The only non-japanes developer that I feel puts a lot of heart into his games is Peter Molynuex (yes his games aren't the best, but you do feel passion)..

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sam22362718d ago ShowReplies(8)
Alos882718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I'm reading this as him being sick of having to make MGS constantly when he clearly wants to move on and and try new things.

lodossrage2718d ago

He's talking about some people he DIRECTLY works with. And even as far as Japan's educational system

DaBadGuy2718d ago

Pardon my insensitivity, but I believe that Japan's educational system racks disaprine.

Folezicle2717d ago

Geez, you have no idea about the Japanese education system.. It's very strict, with kids often doing cram school till late, after school.. A lot better than Americas

RememberThe3572718d ago

He uses two people he works with as example of how to do what your passionate about. His employees plan their day around the balance between what they have to do and what they want to do. He is saying that is what most people need to do.