IncGamers: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald delves into the warzone with the new Onslaught DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2.

From the review:

"In case you missed the aforementioned disjointed ramblings, the premise is that you and three chums take on a limitless supply of AI bots in a game mode that can be lazily described as Conquest combined with Rush. Because I'm not that lazy, I'll elaborate: you and your pals advance on a series of control points – unlocked one at a time – and need to clear the surrounding area and then defend against enemy reinforcements until each point is captured. If you die, you can respawn on any surviving squad member, but if every member of your squad is dead at the same time, you lose."

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Djorgo3077d ago

I would have guessed on at least 7.5. There you see what media does: Gives you bloated hopes :)

Dorjan3077d ago

the score makes sense, lacking in single player isn't the biggest thing in the world but if you can't play with 1 mate, then the amount of time you'll be playing with random /b/tards will be great.

foss33076d ago

I love BFBC2 and have been playing it probably more than any other game recently and I got the Onslaught DLC. It's fun but probably not worth the $10.

After I beat each level on normal and hardcore and got the trophies there isn't much else reason to play it. You don't progress like in normal multiplayer so I just end up playing that.

If I hadn't gotten all that free stuff with my VIP code I probably would have not jumped at the $10 DLC.

Always a shitty feeling when you pay for DLC and you just download a 100kb file to unlock what is pretty much already in the game you bought.